Mobile Phone Price in Nepal | 2021 Update

Mobile Phone Price in Nepal | 2021 Update

There are 3.5 Billion people using a smartphone and the number is increasing rapidly every year. Mobile phones have become a huge part of our life. Likewise, the phone these days are not just ton call someone or receive calls for someone, it can do almost everything. Today, we will talk about the price of all the available mobile phone in Nepal. There has also been an increase in smartphone brand in the Nepali market. And we will try to cover almost all of them.

Price of Mobile Phone in Nepal

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Samsung has been the leading brand of smartphones. Whenever getting an Android phone Samsung will always be on top of the list. Here is the price is of Samsung phones in Nepal.

ModelBest Buying Price
Galaxy A01 (2+16GB)Rs.13,499 
Galaxy A10s (2+32GB)Rs.14,999
Galaxy M01 (3+32GB)Rs.14,999
Galaxy M01s (3+32GB)Rs.15,999
Galaxy M11 (3+32GB)Rs.18,999
Galaxy M20Rs. 17,490
Galaxy A21s (4+64GB)Rs.22,499 
Galaxy M21 (4+64GB)Rs.21,999  
Galaxy M21 (6+128GB) Rs.25,999   
Galaxy M31 (6+128GB)Rs.29,999  
Galaxy M31 (8+128GB)Rs.34,999 
Galaxy A51 (6+128GB)Rs.39,999  
Galaxy A71 (8+128GB)Rs.49,999  
Galaxy S20 FE (8+128GB)Rs.69,999 (New)
Galaxy S10 (128GB)Rs.74,999
Galaxy S10 Plus (128GB)Rs.89,999
Galaxy S10 Plus (512GB)Rs.99,999
Galaxy Note 10 Lite (8+128GB)Rs.58,999
Galaxy Note 10 (256GB)Rs.111,399
Galaxy Note 10+ (256GB)Rs.129,599
Galaxy Note 20Rs. 1,09,999
Galaxy Note 20 UltraRs. 1,39,999
Galaxy S20 (128GB)Rs.1,13,999  
Galaxy S20+ (128GB)Rs.1,26,999 
Galaxy S20 Ultra (128GB)Rs.1,59,999 
Galaxy Z Fold 2 (256GB)Rs.2,49,999 (New)
Samsung mobile phone price in Nepal

iPhone Price in Nepal

iPhone doesn’t need any introduction. We all know the buzz it creates in the market when there is a new launch of any Apple products. The price also creates a buzz in the market. The price list of iPhone in Nepal is given below.

Apple ModelsMaximum Retail Price (MRP)
iPhone SE 2Rs.70,000 (64GB)
Rs.79,500 (128GB)
iPhone XR Rs.96,000(64GB)
Rs.104,000 (128GB)
Rs.112,500 (256GB)
iPhone XS Rs.139,000 (64GB)
Rs.159,000  (256GB)
Rs.185,000 (512GB)
iPhone Xs MaxRs.159,000  (64GB)
Rs.172,000  (256GB)
Rs.185,000  (512GB)
iPhone 11Rs.118,000 (64GB)
Rs.126,000  (128GB)
Rs.144,000 (256GB)
iPhone 11 ProRs.167,000  (64GB)
Rs.192,000  (256GB)
Rs.223,000  (512GB)
iPhone 11 Pro Max Rs.178,000 (64GB)
Rs.206,000  (256GB)
Rs.237,000 (512GB)
iPhone price in Nepal

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Xiaomi, also is known as MI, is a popular smartphone brand in Nepal. It is a Chinese company phone. MI, in just a few years, became so popular for its budget-friendly price. Mi mobile offers so much in its price range.

Redmi 9Rs. 16,999 ( 3/32GB)
Rs. 17,999 ( 4/64GB)
Redmi 9ARs. 11,499
Redmi 9C Rs.12,999 (2+32GB)
Rs.14,999 (3+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi GoRs. 7,499 (1+8GB)
Rs. 7,999 (1+16GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 8A DualRs. 13,499 (2+32GB)
Rs. 14,499 (3+32GB)
Rs. 15,499 (3+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi 8Rs. 16,499 (4+64GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8Rs. 20,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 23,999 (6+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ProRs. 26,999 (6+64GB)
Rs. 29,999 (6+128GB)
Rs. 32,999 (8+128GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9Rs. 22,999 (4+128GB)
Redmi Note 9 ProRs. 29, 999 (6+128 GB)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro-MaxRs. 31,999 (6+128GB)
Rs. 34,999 (8+128GB)
Xiaomi MI A3Rs. 23,999 (4+64GB)
Rs. 27,999 (6+128GB)
Mi Note 10 LiteRs. 44,999 (6+128GB)
Rs. 49,999 (6+128GB)
Mi 10Rs. 89,999 (8+256GB)

Poco Mobile Price in Nepal

Poco C3 (4/64GB)Rs.14,999
Poco M2 (6/64GB)Rs.18,999

VIVO Mobile Price in Nepal

Vivo is a Chinese brand of smartphones. It was founded in 2009 but launched in Nepal only in 2017. it is famous for its camera quality. Vivo has been offering 20 different models in the Nepali market in this short period. 

Vivo Y90Rs. 14,490
Vivo Y91c 2020Rs. 15,590
Vivo Y93Rs. 17,890
Vivo Y11Rs. 19,490
Vivo Y12Rs. 21,590
Vivo Y15Rs. 24,190
Vivo Y30Rs. 24,999 (4+64)
Rs. 27,999 (4+128)
Vivo Y17Rs. 25,190
Vivo Y19Rs. 27,990
Vivo Y20 Rs.20,990 (New)
Vivo S1Rs. 31,490 (6+128)
Vivo S1 MiniRs.28,390 (4+128GB)
Vivo S1 ProRs. 36,790
Vivo V15Rs. 41,990
Vivo V15 ProRs. 50,390
Vivo V17 ProRs. 52,490
Vivo V19Rs. 49,999

Huawei Mobile Price in Nepal

Huawei is a known smartphone brand in Nepal. It is a Chinese mobile phone brand. Huawei has launched more than 30 models of mobile in Nepal. Furthermore, the price of Huawei mobile phones in Nepal is listed below:

Huawei Y5pRs.10,090 (New)
Huawei Y6pRs.17,490 (New)
Huawei Y6sRs.16,790
Huawei Y7p Rs.23,990 (New)
Huawei Y8pRs.26,990 (New)
Huawei Y9sRs.33,900
Huawei P40Rs. 1,10,000 coming soon
Huwaei P40 ProRs. 1,35,000 coming soon
Huawei Mate 20 ProRs.129,000
Huawei Mate 30 Pro (New!)Rs.129,900(8/256GB)

Honor Mobile Price in Nepal

It is a sub-brand of a very popular Chinese mobile phone brand, Huawei. Honor focuses on budget smartphones. So basically you will get an Honor phone under 30 thousand.

Honor 7SRs.10,999
Honor 8sRs.12,599
Honor 8A ProRs.15,699
Honor 8A Lite Rs.13,590
Honor PlayRs.28,090 (4+64GB) [Huge Price cut]
Honor Play 4 ProRs. 55,000 (comming soon)
Honor 9XRs.28,990 (6+128GB)
Honor 9X liteRs.23,999 (New)

Oppo mobile phone price in Nepal

Oppo mobile phones are marketed to be a camera phone. Similarly, it is a selfie expert. The youngsters these days are into photography but can’t afford an expensive camera. So, oppo with its excellent camera quality helps them.

Oppo Reno 3Rs. 46,990 (8/128GB)
Oppo Reno 2F Rs. 46,990 (8/128GB)
Oppo F15 Rs. 38,990 (8/128GB)
Oppo F11 Pro 38,990 (6/128GB)
Oppo F11 29,990 (4/64GB)
Oppo F17 Rs.33,990 (New)
Oppo F17 ProRs.43,990 (New)
Oppo R17Rs. 55,000
OPPO R17 ProRs. 55,990
Oppo A5(2020)Rs. 25,490 (4/128GB)
Rs. 22,990(3/64GB)
Oppo A12Rs.18,590 (3+32GB)
Rs.20,790 (4+64GB)
Oppo A9(2020)33,590 (8/128GB)
Oppo A5sRs. 16,990 (2GB)
Rs. 18,590 (3GB)
Oppo A1K Rs. 14,790
Oppo F9Rs. 37,990 (4/64GB)
Rs. 45,490 (6/64GB)
OPPO F9 Pro (6GB)Rs. 45,590
OPPO A3sRs. 24,590 (3/32GB)
Rs. 15,990 (2/16GB)
OPPO A71Rs. 15,990
OPPO A31Rs. 26,590 (4/64GB)
OPPO A52Rs. 29,990 (4/128GB)
Oppo A53 (4+64GB)Rs.22,990 (New)

Oneplus phone price in Nepal

Oneplus is yet another Chinese smartphone brand that has own public’s heart. It is the flagship smartphones which is considerably lower in price.  As Oneplus mobile phone provides great flagship specifications at a minimum price, it is has been remarked as “Flagship Killer”.

OnePlus 7 (8/256GB)Rs.67,000
OnePlus NordRs.53,999 (8+128GB)
OnePlus 7 ProRs. 75,000 (6/128GB)
Rs. 90,000 (8/256GB)
Rs. 99,000 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 7T (8/128GB)Rs. 67,000
OnePlus 7T Pro (8/256GB)Rs.92,000
OnePlus 8Rs.93,000 (12+256GB)
One Plus 8 ProRs.110,000 (8+128GB)
Rs.125,000 Rs.125,000

Realme mobile price in Nepal

Realme is a Chinese brand of smartphone. It designs budget-friendly smartphones. Similarly, it is more focused on mid-range smartphones. Many people these days are looking for a phone that has overall good features in a budget. Realme mobile phone is the perfect candidate.

Realme C2Rs.12,990 (2+16GB)
Rs.14,390 (2+32GB)
Rs.15,990 (3+32GB)
Realme C11 Rs.14,990 (New)
Realme C12Rs.16,990 (New)
Realme C15Rs.19,990 (New)
Realme 3Rs.16,590 (3+32GB)
Rs.19,990 (4+64GB)
Realme 5Rs.20,990 (3+64GB)
Rs.23,990 (4+128GB)
Realme 5iRs.21,790 (4+64GB)
Realme 5 ProRs.26,990 (4+128GB)
Rs.31,500 (8+128GB)
Realme C3Rs.16,990 (3+32GB)
Realme 6Rs. 32,990 (8 +128GB)
Realme 6iRs. 25,990 (4+128GB)

Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal

Most of us grew up using Nokia mobile. It was also the 1st phone that we owned. It was the ruling mobile brand before android and iPhone came in the market. The brand gave us many happy memories. We remember legendary games like snake and bounce we used to play. 

Nokia C1Rs. 7,199
Nokia C2Rs.9,299 (New) 
Nokia C3Rs.12,499 (New) 
Nokia 2.2 (2+16GB)Rs.9,499
Nokia 2.3Rs.13,499
Nokia 2.4Rs.14,599 (New) 
Nokia 5.3Rs.23,499
Nokia 7.2 (4+64GB)Rs.23,999

Colors Mobile Price in Nepal

Colors mobile was launched in 2009 in Nepal and became an instant hit. It is the 1st brand to sell over 100,000 units in Nepal. Colors phone is also a popular brand in many other South Asian countries.

Colors Pride 1A Rs. 5,585
Colors Pride 1E Rs. 6,999
Colors Pride 5X (New)Rs.9,999
Colors Pride P20Rs. 4,345
Colors Pride 7sRs.8,499 (New)
Colors 1 XRs.8495
Colors Pride 1Rs.3,995

Lava Mobile phone Price in Nepal

Lava mobile is an Indian Smartphone brand that came in the market in 2009. It is quite popular in India as well as in Nepal. Due to is low to a mid-range price point, Lava has gotten the attention from the moment is began the business. Lava phone has been in the Nepal market for quite some time.

Lava Iris 31Rs. 4,999
Lava Iris 43Rs. 5,899
Lava Iris 45Rs. 6,299
Lava Iris 50cRs. 7,599
Lava Iris 51Rs. 7,999
Lava Iris 52Rs. 9,499
Lava Iris 54Rs. 7,999
Lava Iris 61Rs. 6,799
Lava Iris 65Rs. 8,999
Lava Iris 88Rs. 10,999
Lava Iris 89Rs. 11,999
Lava V+6 PrimeRs. 9,999
Lava R3 PrimeRs. 18,999
Lava R3 NoteRs. 13,999
Lava R5Rs. 22,999
Lava R5vRs. 14,499
Lava R5 PlayRs. 12,799
 Lava Benco V7Rs. 9999
Lava Benco V8Rs. 12,999

Infinix Mobile price in Nepal

Infinix mobile phone company from Hong Kong that makes phones at an affordable price. The company provides more features at a reasonable price compared to other smartphone brands. Infinix is still an unknown brand in the Nepali market. Although the company did a debut with Smart 4, however, Infinix took a break and properly debuted recently with Infinix Hot 9 Play. Along with the Hot 9 play the Infinix Note 7 is also available in the Nepali market.

Infinix Hot 9 Play (2/32GB)Rs. 11,490
Rs. 14,990
Infinix Note 7 Lite (4/64GB)Rs.17,990
Infinix Note 7 Rs. 21,990 (4/128GB)
Rs.23,990 (6/128GB)
Infinix Zero 8 Comming soon
Infinix mobile phones price in Nepal
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