Apple Event 2023 LIVE: iPhone 15 launch countdown on

Apple Event 2023 LIVE: iPhone 15 launch countdown on

In an annual tradition, Apple’s fall iPhone event is making a grand comeback, set to unveil the highly anticipated iPhone 15 series and introduce new additions to the Apple Watch lineup. The event is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, September 12, at 10:45 pm NST. Viewers can stay updated through our live blog coverage or access the live stream on Apple’s official events website and YouTube channel.

While the event’s primary focus remains centered on the iPhone, all eyes are on Apple’s strategy to enhance its flagship smartphones this year, particularly the elite Pro models. This year, the buzz centers around subtle yet noteworthy design enhancements. The rumor mill suggests that the top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max could feature an opulent titanium casing, an additional action button, and a state-of-the-art periscope-style camera lens. Industry experts anticipate that this premium model may come with a higher price tag compared to its predecessor.

Adding to the excitement, there is strong speculation about Apple potentially bidding farewell to the Lightning connector in favor of a USB-C charging port. This move comes in response to Apple’s commitment to complying with a European Union ruling that mandates the use of USB-C charging for electronic devices, aligning the tech giant with evolving industry standards. Stay tuned for more updates as Apple’s fall event unfolds, promising a glimpse into the future of innovation and design.

Apple Event 2023 LIVE

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