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Best Budget Gaming PC Build in Nepal Under 45000

Best Budget Gaming PC Build in Nepal Under 45000

Nowadays there are a lot of budget PC sellers targeting Nepali audiences. Everywhere you look you will see budget pc build around 40,000 to 50,000. Lately, Gaming PC builds under 45,000 are gaining more and more popularity in Nepal. As only some have a lot of money to spare for a PC. That’s where today’s gaming PC build under 45,000 comes in.

We will use Ryzen as our processor because it offers incredible gaming performance for gaming or video editing while not costing a lot. It also performs far better than Intel with an integrated GPU. A gaming PC doesn’t necessarily have to have a dedicated GPU.

Gaming PC Build in Nepal Under 45000 Specification

You might wonder which build we are going to make so the exact specifications of our Gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000 specifications are:


PROCESSORAMD Ryzen 5 5600G (6 Core, 12 Threads)
RAMAdata 8GB 3200Mhz
GRAPHICSRadeon RX Vega 7 Integrated Graphics
SSDSamsung 256GB NVMe SSD
CASINGPS Tech RGB Gaming Case with 3 RGB FANS
PSU700W 80+ Bronze Power Supply Unit
COOLERAMD Stock Cooler

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Why these products

You may have some doubt in mind like why use this processor or why use this motherboard and not other. Well, I’m going to go into a bit of detail about why we are using these parts and not others. I will give you a brief detail on why I’m choosing certain parts for our build over others. However, you can change accordingly to yourself if you have a bit of knowledge.


Gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000

A good processor goes a long way as most will not upgrade for a long time. The reason to choose the Ryzen 5 5600G is it has a really good integrated GPU which performs amazingly in 720p. Although not for a 1080p it still does hold even to this date in 720p. Some older titles will run in 1080p but it performs well in 720p or even 900p. Also, it comes with 6 cores and 12 threads which should be plenty for a long time. The Amd’s Vega 7 igpu comes on par with GTX 1050.

For does who don’t know integrated GPU means the processor has a GPU built into the processor. The G in the processor indicates that this processor comes with an integrated GPU. Apart from gamers who do a lot of video editing the 5600G is still a good choice if you looking for a budget build. This makes the Ryzen5 5600G the best choice for our gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000.

Now some might say why not intel? The reason is Intel’s iGPU doesn’t even come even close to AMD’s Vega graphics. Also, it comes with a really good box cooler. I’m not saying Intel is not good I’m just saying Intel’s iGPU is simply not powerful enough.


Gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000

For the Motherboard we are going with Gigabyte B450M DS3H V2. This motherboard is best for budget PC builders as it has all the things you need. It has 4 RAM slots in case you want to add 4 RAM sticks later that support up to 3600 Mhz.

It has one M.2 connector which for most people is enough and 4 SATA connectors. There is an RGB header for controlling RGB components. There is 3 PCI-E slot for the GPU and a sound card or video capture card. This makes the B450M motherboard the best choice for our gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000. Some people should avoid this motherboard.


Gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000

We are going for Adata 8GB 3200Mhz RAM. As they are generally cheap and good quality. For starters, 8GB is good enough for now. Although I would suggest you add a 2nd stick of ram when you have money later on. This doesn’t mean you have to add as soon as possible. Unless you do a lot of heavy gaming and editing. 8GB for now will work fine.

However, if you game a lot and edit also then APUs typically get a boost in performance that runs dual channel (2 RAM) instead of single channel (1 RAM). So add a 2nd stick as soon as possible. If you want to know more about dual channel in detail search on Google there are plenty of detailed articles out there.


Gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000

Storage is one of the most important components of a PC. We are using Samsung 256GB NVMe. You can opt for a 256GB SSD and a 512GB HDD if you want more storage rather than speed. I’m only using 256GB as NVMe is a little bit more expensive than an SSD. We are choosing NVMe because it is faster, and performs better than an SSD or HDD. If you game or do editing NVMe helps as the loading speed is faster than an SSD or an HDD.

Again if you want a lot of storage then go for an SSD or an HDD which will be much cheaper while giving you plenty of storage. But if you are going to upgrade in the next few months. Then go with the Samsung 256GB NVMe as it is fast and good enough for now.

Case And Power Supply

For the casing, we will be using the ps tech AT-03 case. It is an atx case which is typically used for normal builds. The side panel is tempered glass which means you will see all the inside of your PC making it stand out in your room. Nowadays glass casings are getting a lot more popular as they highlight your build. The PS Tech case gives you the most of it while being a budget-friendly option.

Now for the power supply, we will be using PS Tech 700w 80+ bronze. A 700-watt power supply is good enough for now while making it future-proof in case you decide to add a GPU. The 700-watt PSU can handle almost any GPU. Also nowadays GPUs are getting more power efficient.

Conclusion of Gaming PC build in Nepal Under 45000

So we have reached an end to our gaming PC build in Nepal under 45000. As you can see we can build a Gaming PC under 45,000 in Nepal. Although it’s not the gaming PC you would expect. We can go even lower like a 35,000 build for people who are on a tight budget. Although you will have to make some sacrifices it is however possible. I will try to cover the 35,000 build if this article reaches most people.

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