Best IT Colleges in Nepal- 15 Best Colleges

Best IT Colleges in Nepal- 15 Best Colleges

The past several years in Nepal will likely be remembered for the information technology (IT) revolution and IT colleges in Nepal have made significant contributions to it. In a short time, the IT sector has become one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world. The IT sector has various benefits such as generous salaries, flexible hours, and a creative work environment. Hence, Information Technology is one of the most sought-after courses in Nepal and around the world.

Information technology courses getting huge attraction in Nepal and worldwide. Different colleges as well as universities have started releasing their own IT courses in Nepal. Currently, a student has many options for choosing courses such as BIT, BCA, and BSC.CSIT, BIM, and several other courses. Many colleges and universities offer several IT courses in Nepal. Students must choose the right college and course to enhance their IT proficiency. Hence, we have provided information on 15 Best IT colleges in Nepal.

IT Colleges in Nepal:

IT colleges in Nepal

Below is a list of IT Colleges in Nepal that offer Computer Science and Information Technology courses.

Thames International College

Located at Old Baneshwor Kathmandu, Thames International College is one of the best IT colleges in Nepal. With expert teachers in the IT fields and with some of the best courses affiliated with Tribhuvan University Thames College is the top IT institute in Nepal.

Primarily, Thames has courses such as Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) and Bachelor of Computer Studies (BCA) as top IT courses in Nepal. Hence, Thames can be your one-stop solution for IT study in Nepal.

King’s College

With its Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, King’s College has established itself as one of the reputed IT colleges in Nepal. King’s College is located at Babarmahal Kathmandu. It offers programs such as MBA, BBA, and BSIT. Under BSIT which is its primary IT program, King’s College provides study on Data Science, Mobile App Development, Software and Application Development, and Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.

King’s College the best college in Nepal is affiliated with Westcliff University, California. So, you will accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal by studying Information Technology at King’s College.

The British College

The British College has been the primary hub for IT study in Nepal since 2011. Furthermore, It is one of the best colleges in Nepal with computer programs including BSc (Hons) in computer, MSc in Information and Technology, BSc (Hons) in security and Digital Forensics, BSc (Hons), Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence, BSc (Hons) Data Science, and MSc Advanced Computer Science. Moreover, It offers top-notch educational support for both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Nepal.

It has partnerships with Leeds Beckett University (LBU) and the University of the West of England (UWE). As a result, British College’s IT program in Nepal offers top-notch instruction and a welcoming environment.

Islington College

Going through the BIT college in Nepal, Islington College is one of the best in Nepal. With a large variety of courses, expert teachers and affiliated with foreign universities. Islington College has everything to be ranked as one of the top IT colleges in Nepal. Islington provides both master’s and bachelor IT degrees in Nepal in different courses such as computing, AI, data analytics, cyber security, and others. Moreover, it is located in Kamalpokhari Kathmandu and provides wonderful facilities and services along with studies.

DeerWalk Institute of Technology

DeerWalk Institute of Technology(DWIT) provides quality IT studies in Nepal. Moreover, this IT institute in Nepal only offers information technology and computer-related programs such as BSc.CSIT, BCA, and Diploma in Data Analytics. DeerWalk is one of the primary TU-affiliated IT colleges in Nepal. Moreover, with a primary focus on information communication and technology deerwalk has been providing exceptional educational service in Nepal

Samriddhi College

Are you looking for the best affiliated IT colleges in Nepal? Samriddhi College is definitely at the top of the list. Samriddhi College is a highly rated BSc.CSIT college in Nepal. The primary IT course at Samrridhi College is BSc.Csit. Moreover, the college has also been providing BCA courses in Nepal. With two of the best TU IT courses in Nepal, Samriddhi College provides greater studies regarding information technology in Nepal.

Amrit Science Campus, ASCOL

Among the top IT colleges in Nepal, we all will see different private colleges and colleges affiliated with foreign universities providing the best education. However, Amrit Science Campus, ASCOL is one of the best IT institutes in Nepal which is the government college. Despite being the government it is in the race with other information technology colleges in Nepal with its quality education. It offers programs for Bachelor’s degrees in Nepal such as BSc.Csit, BCA, and MIT for master’s degree in Nepal

Asian School of Management and Technology

Asian School of Management and Technology with its tu affiliated IT courses in Nepal is serving students as a top college of IT in Kathmandu. Over the years Asian Colleges have provided study of primary IT courses in Nepal such as BSc.Csit, BCA, and BIM degrees. Moreover, with its exceptional study and higher pass percentage of students it is one of the best colleges in Kathmandu.

KFA Business School

There are several business schools in Nepal that provide knowledge of business and administration. However, to understand the correlation of business with IT KFA Business School is the right college for you. KFA provides an IT program BCS.IT (Bachelor of Computer Science) with a focus on networking and cyber security. Hence, the IT enthusiast interested in this field can definitely pursue a bachelor’s degree from KFA Business School

Texas College of IT and Management

Affiliate Under Lincoln University College Texas College of IT and Management provides a mandatory professional IT course in Nepal. The major course of Texas College is BIT and BCS (Cyber-Security and Network Technology). Hence, with its wonderful course structure, internship with the IT industry, and job placement Texas College of IT and Management is the best college in Nepal.

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Other IT colleges in Nepal (Outside Kathmandu Valley)

If you are searching for an IT institute in Nepal outside Kathmandu here are 5 best IT colleges outside Kathmandu Valley.

  1. Hari Khetan Multiple Campus, Birgunj
  2. Hetauda City College, Hetauda
  3. Informatics College Pokhara
  4. Birat Multiple Campus, Biratnagar
  5. Janpriya Multiple Campus, Pokhara

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What Courses are offered by IT Colleges in Nepal?

IT colleges in Nepal

IT colleges in Nepal offer several courses. Based on universities, colleges, and affiliations there are a wide range of courses. TU University offers courses like a Bachelor in Information Management (BIM), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSC. Csit), and Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) as its primary IT course.

Kathmandu University is another reputed university to offer IT courses in Nepal. There are several IT colleges in Nepal under Kathmandu University which offer different IT courses. Major IT courses offered by Kathmandu Universities are:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  • Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence

Also, Pokhara University provides BIT courses in Nepal. There are many famous BIT colleges in Nepal under Pokhara University. Lastly, different IT colleges in Nepal affiliated with foreign universities provide IT-related courses on cyber security, data science, communication technology, and artificial intelligence.

What is the cost of IT college in Nepal and BIT course in Nepal?

When compared to other courses offered in Nepal, IT institutes tend to be more expensive. Additionally, BSc.Csit colleges and courses in general cost about 8–10 lakhs for private colleges among the TU-accredited programs in Nepal. However, tuition in a government-run BSc.Csit College can cost anywhere from 5-7 lakhs for the full program.

Additionally, the total course fee for BIT, BIM, and BCA IT programs is between 6 and 8 lakh rupees for private colleges and 4-6 lakh for government colleges.

However, if you choose to pursue a foreign IT degree in Nepal, this number can easily double. Since a four-year IT course in Nepal often costs more than 10 lakhs of rupees. Consequently, IT institutes in Nepal that are affiliated with universities offer quality education with expensive fee structures.

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