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How to choose the best domain name for your website? 6 things you must consider!

How to choose the best domain name for your website? 6 things you must consider!

A domain name is a text string associated with a numeric IP address used by client software to access a website. In plain English, a domain name is a text that a user types into a browser window to go to a website. For example, Google’s domain name is “”. It is evident enough that picking a name can either make or break your brand/website.  It adds professional credibility to your business and separates you from the millions of get-rich-quick-scheme websites out there. It gives visibility to your brand, much like a storefront window, a good domain will create awareness and attract customers.

Let’s first take a look at things you SHOULD NOT do:

  • Do not add a number or line to your name. It is difficult to introduce these characters and reduce the reliability of your site and business.
  • Do not use funny spellings or words that can be spelled differently. This will make it difficult for people to find your site. 
  • Misspellings can make your site look suspicious and make people worry that it’s a phishing or malware site so ensure that your spellings are correct.
  • Never use trade names and trademarks used by other companies. Attempting to do so may result in prosecution and suspension of your domain.

Now that you are well-versed with what you should not do, below are some parameters one must keep in mind while deciding on a name:

1. Website Name:

Although it may seem obvious, your domain name should be the same or as close as possible to your brand name. You don’t want to confuse people who enter your domain name and get a website with a different name.

2. Brand Name:

Your domain name should represent your brand and vice versa. Branding can take time, and adding a unique brand to your domain can help you stand out, and gain recognition. When creating your brand name and domain name, do not use any existing brand names or trademarks.

3. Simple, not complex:

You want people to remember your domain name and enter it correctly. Difficult or unusual words or names can be difficult to remember and spell correctly.

4. Usage of keywords:

Relevant keywords help users find you in search and see what you do at a glance. Keywords can be what you do or offer or your location. Adding a location to your domain name can help you target local customers and users.

5. Length:

The shorter the domain name, the better. Shorter names are easier to remember and type, so users can find them faster. The less you learn, the easier it is to stand out. It is recommended not to use more than 2-3 words.

6. A perfect name doesn’t exist:

When building a great brand around a great domain name, many people get stuck trying to pick the right name. Don’t let choosing the right domain to prevent you from starting your business or project.

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