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Sarovara, A Drinking Water Delivery App review

Sarovara, A Drinking Water Delivery App review

Sarovara is a water delivery company that provides quality pure drinking water at affordable prices. Recently, they released the Sarovara app which is available on Play store for android. Unfortunately, the app is not available for ios for now, but it will come in the future. The company tests the drinking water processed and purified by various companies. And, after testing, they will determine whether the drinking water meets the Guidelines on Processed Drinking Water Production Standards 2017 or not. The company also claims that they sell the drinking water at 20% less the price than other competitors on the market.

Four Different Products of Sarovara

Currently, the Sarovara app is providing four different drinking water varieties. They are Kuwa, Kuwa Plus, Patanjali Dibyajal, and Karuwa. Moreover, they will be adding more drinking water options in the near future.

Both the Kuwa and the Kuwa Plus is a product of the Snowcube Drinking water Pvt. Ltd located in Mulpani, Kathmandu. It is a drinking water company that claims to have the perfect level of mineral needs for our bodies. The price of Kuwa is Rs. 37 and Kuwa Plus is Rs. 65.

Patanjali Dibyajal is a product of the Patanjali brand. It is one of the popular brands and claims to be the safest and purest drinking water provider. The price of Patanjali Dibayal is Rs. 125.

Karuwa is a drinking water company whose plant is located in Bhaisepati, Lalitpur. It was the first brand to pass “Processed Drinking Water Production Standard Regulation, 2074”. The price of Karuwa Drinking water is Rs. 85.

Using the Sarovara app

The Sarovara app is currently available for android devices and you can use it to buy the above-mentioned drinking water. But first, you need to create a user account. Now, after creating your account, log in to the Sarovara app with that account. After logging in, now you can browse the available drinking water and make orders through the app. Once you have ordered, they will deliver the drinking water to your home. In addition, they do not charge you any delivery fee as well.

Currently, they are providing services in only few places in kathmandu. However, they are gradually increasing service areas. You can check the availability on your area by using the app.

This is a great initiative by the Sarovara app team. It helps digitizing the working process. Moreover, it is even more important at a time like now when you have to be careful of going out. Instead, using this app, the water will be delivered to your home directly. Moreover, the Sarovara app team has also mentioned in their website that the more the customers increases, the less cheaper the price of water will be.

So, you too can make use of this app and save your time as well as your money.

Download the android app: Click here

Visit the Sarovara website to know more: Click here


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