Nepal Telecom Must know shortcodes if you are NTC Customer

5G technology is the next generation of mobile networking, promising faster speeds, lower latency, and greater capacity compared to its predecessor, 4G. 5G technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate and access information, enabling a wide range of new applications and services such as self-driving cars, remoteRead More →

Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway

Memorandum of Understanding between the Nepal Army and Nepal Telecom means Nepal Telecom to lay Optical Fiber in Fast Track Highway. Nepal Telecommunications authority has asked Telecom for verification on “The signed MoU between the Nepal Army and Nepal Telecom”.   Nepal Telecom and Nepal Army has signed an agreementRead More →

mobile charges on voice call

Although the use of OTT services including Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger has increased significantly, every user is still using voice services from the mobile service providers. Although six service providers have been licensed for this, only three companies are providing services. Only government-owned telecom company Nepal Telecom, private mobile serviceRead More →

NTC Autumn Offer 2020

Ntc launches NTC Autumn Offer Targeting this festive season NTC has brought ‘ NTC Autumn Offer’ which includes Unlimited Facebook, Unlimited YouTube & an add-on pack. It also includes a festival offer which includes bonuses on every recharge. All the offers included in the Autumn offer are listed below:- 1.Read More →

NTC FTTH fiber internet

NTC FTTH NTC FTTH is the optical fiber-based service which includes Broadband Internet and Voice Service. Also, Television will be included in Near Future. The fiber internet service was launched back in 2072 from limited areas of Kathmandu and now it has extended up to 28 districts. What is FTTHRead More →

NTC Pathshala CUG Sim free

As per the ‘Contingency Action Plan on School Education 2077’ prepared by the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, NTC has introduced NTC Pathshala CUG Sim. This Sim is targeted at Community/Public/Government school students as this Sim will provide services at low rates. What is NTC Pathshala CUG Sim? InRead More →