NTC Fiber Net Price in Nepal with Packages – 2022

NTC  Fiber Net Price in Nepal with Packages – 2022


NTC FTTH is the optical fiber-based service which includes Broadband Internet and Voice Service. Also, Television will be included in Near Future. The fiber internet service was launched back in 2072 from limited areas of Kathmandu and now it has extended up to 28 districts.

What is FTTH ?

FTTH stands for Fiber to the home is the installation of the optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings such as apartment buildings, residences, and businesses to provide high-speed internet access.

NTC FTTH fiber internet price

The NTC FTTH fiber internet mainly consist of two packages .They are Individual Package and Premium Package. The different packages of NTC FTTH fiber internet price details are given below:

1. FTTH Individual Internet Package

a) Telephone only

Service1 Month3 Month12 Month
Telephone (voice)NRs. 255NRs. 765NRs. 3060

b) Combo offer(Fiber Internet +1 Telephone)

Internet Speed1 Month(NRs)3 Months(NRs)12 Months(NRs)
25 Mbps1,0002,85010,500
40 Mbps1,450 4,200 15,300
80 Mbps2,000 5,500 20,500

c) Triple play(Fiber internet+1 NTTV + 1 Telephone)

Internet Speed1 Month(NRs)3 Months(NRs)12 Months(NRs)
25 Mbps1,4004,10014,052
40 Mbps1.850 5,500 18,025
80 Mbps2,450 7,200 23,525
2. FTTH Premium Internet package

a) Internet only

Internet Speed1 Month(NRs)3 Months(NRs)12 Months(NRs)
50 Mbps4,50012,60024,800
80 Mbps6,00016,50032,800
100 Mbps7,50020,00040,800

b) Internet+NTTV

Internet Speed1 Month(NRs)3 Months(NRs)12 Months(NRs)
50 Mbps5,17814,52331,309
80 Mbps6,678 18,423 39,309
100 Mbps8,178 21,923 47,309
3. Other charges

Some of the one time charges of NTC FTTH fiber internet price and packages includes CPE or router cost, installation charge ,set top box and drop fiber cost. The company only charges for router, set-top box and drop cable to new customer. The router and installation charges are free for the existing customer. The customer should purchase the setup box separately and drop fiber up to 100 m are free for all the customer.

NTC FTTH SubscriptionCPE cost(without taxes)Set-top BoxDrop Fiber
1 yearFreeFreeRs 10/m(Free up to 100m)
1 month or 3 monthsRs 2500(Rs 2825 with taxes)Rs 3800Rs 10/m(Free up to 100m)


  • The installation charge for all new customer is Rs500

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NTC FTTH fiber internet


How to connect NTC FTTH fiber internet?

1. First, visit the Ntc office and ask for the availability of the fiber service in your location If it is available, then you need to fill up a registration form.

2. Within a day or two of the registration, Nepal Telecom service staff will do some surveys and estimates, then check the feasibility and availability of ports in your location.

3. For payment, you need to pay for the registration charge of Rs 500

4. Look at the prices above for different packages and pay for a suitable subscription package along with CPE cost.

5. NTC service staff will then come to your place to install the fiber and configure the CPEs for the FTTH service.

Reminder: Do not forget to check the services you subscribed to before the service staff leaves.

How to recharge Ntc FTTH service?

There are various ways to recharge after completion of your subscription date:
1. Visit the nearest Ntc office and recharge
2. Ntc’s recharge portal
3. eSewa or Khalti or other payment providers.

In which location is this service available?

It is available in 28 districts. To know if it is available in your location contact nearby Ntc office or call the customer care number provided below.

For customer care and queries: 014244080

Complain Registration: Dial 198

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