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Find Out Differences Between Prepaid And Postpaid- Prepaid Vs Postpaid 2023

Find Out Differences Between Prepaid And Postpaid- Prepaid Vs Postpaid 2023

Do you Know the differences between Prepaid and Postpaid?

Postpaid and Prepaid are two different types of accounts in Nepal Telecom.

 Differences Between Prepaid And Postpaid

Postpaid account means you had to pay for the service instantly and the amount is fixed for a month (rental) whether you use the service or not. The postpaid users generally pay the bills at the end of the method, and there is some amount of credit balance for them. So they don’t have to rush for recharging the balance instantly to make a call. The monthly rental charge of NTC is Rs 380 in which they get about 300 minutes of voice pack.

Whereas, Prepaid users initially recharge the balance in their phone and pay for the service as they use it. While prepaid users first recharge a certain amount in their phone and the amount will deduct as they use the service. They had to rush to the stores for recharging their phones.

Who prefers NTC Prepaid SIM Card?

Generally, there are more prepaid users in our country. A prepaid account is mostly preferred by general people like students, farmers, laborers, housekeepers and so on. For normal users prepaid account is good, they don’t have to commit fix amount and they can pay according to their use.

Students who complete their 10th grade mostly use prepaid numbers. And tourists and visitors also use prepaid as they stay here for a short interval of time. The main advantage of it is you only pay for the calls you had used due to which you have control over your mobile expenses.

How to recharge NTC prepaid SIM?

You can recharge your NTC prepaid using a prepaid recharge card available in a local store. Dial *411*mobile recharge pin #

  • Recharge using mobile banking.

Who prefers NTC Postpaid SIM Card in Nepal?

Business professionals, celebrities, and those users who use mobile networks excessively prefer Postpaid accounts.

Generally, they had to make lots of calls and it will be beneficial for them to use postpaid accounts. There is even a myth that postpaid users had high social status.

Whenever business personals enter their professional career and own a business they switch the prepaid accounts to postpaid.

They think postpaid has low cost and more efficiency. They don’t have to recharge instantly on their busy schedules, and there is an advantage of extra credit as well. If you make excess use than the subscription package your amount is added to the bill at last.

How to recharge NTC postpaid?

You can recharge your NTC postpaid using a postpaid recharge card available in a local store.

  • Recharge using mobile banking.

What is the due amount in NTC postpaid?

Due amount means the outstanding dues customer has to pay for using the services. It is the sum of the unpaid bills and unbilled amounts.

Remaining credit limit = credit limit + Advance – Due Amount

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Initial setup cost for Postpaid and Prepaid account

Postpaid sim Vs Prepaid sim

The price of NTC prepaid sim is just Rs 100 where you get a balance of Rs 50 attached in the sim. It is easily available in local shops around your area. You only require a copy of the official document and 2 copies of your pp size photo to get the sim. These days there are lots of voice and data packs available for prepaid users for their convenience. Visit their official site for more information.

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Similarly, for the new NTC Postpaid pack, you had to visit the telecom office with the official documents and a PP size photograph. The price of Postpaid is high about Rs.1000 which includes voice, data, and SMS pack according to your subscription package. If you are a Ncell user there’s a Ncell Postpaid pack too which are called Pro Plans for individuals. It starts from Rs 300 to Rs 999 with discounted tariffs.

What is NTC postpaid monthly charge?

The NTC postpaid monthly charge costs you about Rs 300. There are different available NTC postpaid packs.

What are the call charges for postpaid and prepaid?

For postpaid

a) Inside Nepal Telecom Network

S.N.Sevice TypePeak Hour
(6:00 AM to 10:00 PM)
Off-Peak Hour
(10:00 PM to 6:00 AM)
1On-Net Call Re. 1.00 / minuteRs. 0.55 / minute10 sec 

b) Outside Nepal Telecom Network

S.N.Sevice TypeCall ChargePulse
1Off-Net Call Re. 1.5 / minute10 sec 

For prepaid:

S.N.Sevice TypeCall Charge
1On-Net Call Rs. 1.5 Per Minute
2Off-Net Call Rs. 2 Per Minute

SMS charges for both prepaid and postpaid are Rs 1 inside the Ntc network and Rs1.25 outside the operator. Rs 5 for international SMS.

What do operators prefer: Prepaid or Postpaid?

Operators prefer postpaid because they get more revenue per month. Whether the users use it or not they can charge the fixed deposits of amounts. They can also charge initial payments higher in post-paid accounts.
So NTC prioritizes the postpaid users and initialized 4G services for the postpaid users first. Later it also brought 4G services to prepaid users in various cities of the country.

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How to check balance for prepaid and postpaid?

For prepaid and postpaid method is same:
Method 1: Dial *400#
Method 2: Dial 1415 and listen

Is 4G/LTE service available for both prepaid and postpaid?

Yes, 4G/LTE service is available in both service

In which service is roaming facility available?

Roaming facility is available in both prepaid and postpaid. But prepaid roaming is available only in China and India and prepaid roaming is available in India, China, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.

Comment down below what are your thought regarding the postpaid and prepaid. What kinds of users are you, Postpaid, or Prepaid??

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