How to check your NTC, Smart cell, and Ncell mobile number ?

Check mobile number in NTC,NCELL and smartcell

If you are looking for how to know what is my mobile number you had come to the right place.Know here how to check your mobile number.

It’s important that you should know your own mobile number whether it is Ncell, NTC, or Smart cell.

These days we are so used to technology, we do not remember or memorize anything. we just record or save it on our phones. This is the same case when it comes to phone numbers. We do not remember our phone numbers. It’s also in the case when we just use a new sim we forget our own number. When somebody asks for our contact we had to check it.

Considering this, telecom companies have provided a method to know your own mobile number. Now with just a few clicks you can get your own using number and share with anyone you want.

To check your own mobile number you can just dial a few numbers from your dial pad and your mobile number will be displayed on your screen. Let’s see how it differs according to the types of Sim cards.


For NCELL Users


Dial *903# or *103# on your mobile to know your Ncell number. 

For NTC Users


Dial *9#  on your phone to know your number if you have GSM numbers. If you are a CDMA user, then there is no such method to know the mobile number.

For Smart Cell Users

smart cell

Dial *134# on your mobile phone to know your own Smart cell number.


How to check my mobile number in smart cell?

Type *134# on your mobile keypad and then press call button. Your mobile number will be displayed in the phone screen.

How to check my mobile number in NTC ?

Type *9#  on your phone keypad to know your number. [This is only applicable to GSM numbers not CDMA users.]

How to check my mobile number in Ncell?

Dial *903# or *103# on your mobile keypad to know your Ncell number. 

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