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How to order food online in Nepal? Some top platforms:

How to order food online in Nepal? Some top platforms:

Online Food Ordering System

Online food ordering was a myth in Nepal before few years and people used to distrust the trend of the online system. These days, the online food ordering system is a trend and getting common in Nepal.

The online system had saved its time to go to the restaurant in order to get food.

These days everyone is busy with their daily lives that may be within the office or other daily works. They had no proper time to prepare or think about food, which is the reason the online food ordering system is getting their success these days.

Online food businesses are growing and in-demand day by day.

The food ordering system was promoted with Nepal’s first food ordering system, Foodmandu.

Since then every new business and new food delivery business is growing and their demand is increasing.

Here are some top platforms that delivers your  ordered  food from online:



Foodmandu is the first food company to deliver food from popular restaurants in Nepal. Currently, this company delivers foods in more than 100 different areas of Kathmandu and Lalitpur.

They are associated with more than 170 popular restaurants in Kathmandu valley.

The delivery services operate from 11:00 m to 8:30 pm every day. The delivered foods are delivered within a maximum of 1 hour or min 45 minutes depending on the location.

You can see the details of the delivery fee here.

You had wide options for food from a variety of restaurants. The discount offers depends on restaurants and occasions.

You can order the food from the 3 different platforms: website, mobile application or over the phone through which people can place an order.

VISIT Foodmandu

Download the Foodmandu app from the play stores.

Bhoj deals


Bhoj also named Bhojdeals is a food startup company that delivers food online since 2015. It is a one-stop mobile application for all the foodies in Nepal.

It is available both in Android and for IOS users.

There are different restaurants associated with bhoj and they deliver your ordered food to your doorsteps within time.

Not only the food, but bhoj also allows you to read and post restaurant reviews, explore the restaurant menu and earn credits to their specific currency called Bhojwallet.

They provide occasional discounts and many deals depending on the restaurants and food menus.


Download the Bhoj app from the play stores.

Food Mario


Food Mario is especially home-based online food delivering system that delivers  home cooked food for the customers.

It has made new inborn talents in-home and brought the potential of home-based cooks outside.

They initiated the new concept of delivering healthy home-cooked food which is quite unique incomparison to other food startups.

FoodMario, since 2017 has been delivering the foods. It has been providing an entrepreneurial capacity to talented home cooks.

Using their platform people have explored more and showcased their healthy foods.

They had to tweak their recipes based on ratings and feedback from the customers.

You can order the food and see the various food menus here made by amazing talented home chefs.


Bhok lagyo

bhok lagyo

Bhok lagyo is another online food delivery system that is based on the Kathmandu area. Since 2017 it is delivering its services.

Initially, it was a night-time delivery system but now expanded its services to day time also.

You can order the food from different platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger and so on.

There are a variety of food items that you can order from outside or inside the ring road. The food is perfectly packed and fresh.

Feedbacks and reviews are quite positive from users. You can get your food without a delivery charge if you order the food more than 1500NRS.

911 Food Express

911 Food express

This online food delivery service is in Nepal since 2016 delivering its foods from its own menu and kitchen. This makes the whole process faster and a lot easier.

You can order your food from Viber, Facebook, Instagram, website, phone calls and so on.

The delivery hours starts from 11:00 am to 8:30 pm. The delivery is limited inside the Kathmandu valley area and also a 10 % service charge.

But you get quality food here and feedbacks are quite positive from the users.

VISIT 911 Food Express

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