Why one should focus in live streaming ?

  1. To increase online reach in digital platform, live streaming is one of the best tool. As the number of people on internet is growing day by day, the number of reach on live streaming will also be growing with same ratio.
  2. With LIVE Streaming, one can simply increase the interaction and engagement rate. How many comments do you get in your posts, photos and videos in facebook ? Once try facebook, youtube LIVE and check the difference.
  3. With the help of live sstreaming, one can have good presence in different online platforms. It simply increases your brand awareness.

What is the cost for facebook, youtube LIVE Streaming in Nepal ?

  • It can’t be said so easily. It depends upon the duration you want to have LIVE streaming in facebook, youtube and other platforms.

What is the most essential factor for facebook, youtube, twitter and other digital platform’s LIVE streaming in Nepal ?

  • High speed ineternet is required must.

How many people can watch LIVE broadcast ?

  • Any number of people

What are the factors taken in consideeration before planning live streaming in Nepal?

  1. Streaming bit rate
  2. Number of viewers you expect
  3. High speed internet connection
  4. Duration of LIVE

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