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Nepal Telecom has been deducting the balance on a daily basis. What could be the reason behind this?

Nepal Telecom has been deducting Rs 0.09 per day. Two numbers, same amount on a daily basis.

As seen on social media many people complain about this deduction of their balance on a daily basis. So, this seems a problem with lots of NTC users.

NTC Balance Deduction problem

What do you think could be the reason? Is Nepal Telecom doing this intentionally or is it a problem with our data settings?

Is this the Nepal Telecom strategy to earn the money?

If it is the case there are a total 1,01,54,000 users of NTC: And it might be looting 1,01,54,000*0.09 — RS 9,13,860 per day!

To know about the root cause we did some research on google and found similar problems with the other users.

#1. This might be due to a technical feature of 4G LTE. i.e the data traffic can still be consumed if I have the phone on 4G, even with the mobile data setting turned off.

NTC Balance Deduction problem

#2. Are the data being used and the amount being deducted due the GPS??

NTC Balance Deduction problem

We have contacted the Nepal Telecom regarding this issue. They are trying to figure out the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Some tech portals claim that people who are facing this problem, all of them are using Chinese brands. But we do have proof it is not true.

For this let’s see some user’s comment about the same issue on Facebook group, Entrepreneurs for Nepal.

Sulav Budhathoki says

I am using iphone 7
Wifi assistant is not on
I never use mobile data
Still they are deducting 0.09 every day

Bipin Ojha Comments,

My Wi-Fi Assistance is off, but its still charging.
Devices I checked: Redmi Note7 Pro & Samsung M20

Abdul Hussain says

 Well i just checked mine. They are charging same amount twice the day. M connected 24/7 in wifi. Using OnePlus 6

As per reliable source, Nepal Telecom is guessing the cause of issues as below:

  • Wifi assistant is ON on your smartphone
  • Usage of 4G

But both the case is proved to be wrong as we have found the people who are using iPhone, OnePlus 6 are also facing the same issue.

Also. people who have turned OFF Wifi assistant are also facing the issue of balance deduction.

Here, we have copied some quotes by social media users in this case.

Arun Gautam i have two sim and even if i turn data accidentally on, i get connected with Ncell’s data, as i have made data connection default to be avail only from Ncell and still NTC is charging my sim too with that 0.09

Kcor Ahtserhs Nahor Device : Nova 2i
Data usage : rarely
Mine is also being deducted

Aanand Mishra I never use NTC data, in my phone Ncell is set as default network for data use. But still in last 5 days they deducted Rs. 80 from my available balance.

Byanjankar Sujan It seems so. Coz I haven’t used NTC data for ages and still they are changing me for data. I was wondering why my balance is decreasing though I haven’t used any services after topup

Biplav Sharma Same problem here. I have lost almost 10 rupees in last month without any reason. Something is fishy here.

We will update it as soon as we get the root cause of it.Stay tuned.

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