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Easy Taxi Dashain Offer: Now book your taxi ride home during this Dashain Festival

Easy Taxi Dashain Offer: Now book your taxi ride home during this Dashain Festival

The Dashain festival is nearing and most of us are excited to go home and celebrate Dashain with our families. However, getting a ride home during the festival has always been tiresome and difficult. With this in mind, Easy Taxi has brought the Easy Taxi Dashain Offer where you can book your ride home during dashain.

Easy Taxi Nepal is a Nepal based taxi booking service provider and is one of the largest taxi booking service provider in Nepal. This service provider has around 5000 taxis associated with them, which are available to provide the taxi service when needed.

Easy Taxi Nepal has now started Easy Taxi Dashain Offer and has started opening taxi bookings for travel during Dashain. You can just use the Easy Taxi app to make a booking or go to the Easy Taxi website to make the booking. In addition, you can schedule your own pick-up time so that you can take the ride whenever it is feasible for you.

Easy Taxi Dashain Offer

While booking, you need to provide information like your personal details, pick up location and destination, departure date, no. of passengers, etc. After that, your booking will be complete and you will be able to go to your home during dashain using the Easy Taxi service.

Download Easy Taxi Nepal app: Android | iOS

How to book a taxi for Dashain under the Easy Taxi Dashain Offer?

Book a taxi for Dashain under the Easy Taxi Dashain Offer

Step 1: Open the updated Easy Taxi app or go to the booking website of Easy Taxi.

Step 3: After that, you will receive a confirmation message from the company infroming you about the booking.

Easy Taxi Dashain Offer booking form
Easy taxi booking form for Dashain

Booking a taxi from the Easy Taxi Dashain offer will be beneficial for passengers as well. The drivers follow strict safety measures to ensure customer’s safety, and the drivers are also insured with the Corona insurance. They also have masks, sanitizers, and gloves for the customer’s safety. So, travelling using the Easy Taxi service will be more safe than travelling through other vehicles during dashain. You will also not be in contact with other unknown passengers as well which reduces the risk of infection.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to travel to your home during this dashain, Easy taxi will be a great and a safe option for your travels.

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