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Hamro Swasthya App Review



Hamro Swasthya App review

Now the whole world is suffering due to Coronavirus. It’s been about 5 months since we entered the pandemic period but still, it’s not slowing down. In Nepal also people are suffering from this virus so Nepal Government has urged the public to adopt proper precautions while gathering or going outside.

So, in order to make people more aware, the government has taken a digital step for awareness. Ministry of Health and Population, Government of Nepal has developed Hamro Swasthya App.

The app is available in Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

Getting Started with Hamro Swasthya App:

1.Download and launch the app

2.After that, you have to select your preferred language

language for Hamro Swasthya

3.Then it asks permission for personal data and Device ID, click I agree

app permission for Hamro Swasthya

4.Welcome page opens then fill the form with your details after that click Submit

welcome page

5.Tap Enable or skip the Bluetooth tracing option then

Bluetooth tracing

6.All set! you are ready to use the app.

home of Hamro Swasthya app

Hamro Swasthya Features:

  • Nepal Coronavirus daily data update
  • World Coronavirus data statics
  • Bluetooth tracing
  • Graphical presentation of Coronavirus data.
  • COVID-19 self-assessment test
  • ‘Find nearest health facility’ feature
  • Various information and news about Coronavirus
  • Situation report download option
  • COVID-19 hotline numbers

Google Play Store Rating: 4.3/5

Apple App Store Rating: 4.6/5


We know that Nepal Government has not been able to take proper decisions in this pandemic period but this app is one of the effective ways to make people aware of the Coronavirus as the app has various important features. The COVID-19 self-assessment test helps people to check for the virus and then take steps accordingly to its results. ‘Find nearest health facility’ feature helps users to find the nearest health facilities location. Likewise, there is an FAQ option where we can know about the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Thus, we should appreciate Nepal Government’s effort for this approach.

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Registration of Industry can be done online now in Nepal



Registration of new industries, renewal, and approval of domestic and foreign investment can be now done online. The Department of Industry has made the software for these services.

The industry management information system (IMIS) software has been made public as part of the process of digitalisation of the department.

From the registration of new industries to the approval, software can be used.

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SMS Delivery Rate in Nepal. Smart Telecom’s service is the worst.



SMS Delivery Success Rate of Smart Telecom is found very low. Smart Telecom has a delivery success rate of only 39.76%. Nepal Telecom’s SMS Delivery Success Rate is 99.94% whereas NCELL has 99.07%.

For the research process, the total number of SMS delivered was 1788, 2015 and 831 for Nepal Telecom, NCELL and Smart Telecom respectively. The total number of SMS sent was 1789,2034 and 2090 respectively.

As per the final Report on Consulting services for “Studying, Measuring and Quality of Service of Telecommunication Services (RFP03-QOS-2077/78)”, submitted by Inclusive-Everest-Microtech JV to Nepal Telecommunication Authority, this stat is found.

The report is published on the official website of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority.

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Chiranjibi Adhikari announced his candidacy for President of CAN Federation



Chiranjibi Adhikari has announced his candidacy for the post of president of the CAN Federation for the upcoming election.

CAN is preparing to hold the next general convention in November. Adhikari, who is currently the central committee secretary in the working committee, has previously worked as a central member.

In the Facebook post, he says

Respected Sir Madams
Analyzing the long professional experience and understanding from the participation in CAN Federation’s campaign, for drastic change and development in any organization and its members, youth with knowledge in relevent field is necessary. Concluding this. I have decided to have candidacy in CAN Federation’s president. I sincerely request you to fully support me in this campaign

CAN Federation Central Comittee Secretary,

Together We CAN

In another status, he declared that he will create his team with 50% youth from the startup and innovation sector.

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