NTC WiMAX Price in Nepal

NTC WiMAX 2020 price in Nepal

WiMAX stands for “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access” is wireless broadband that can cover vast distances and provides high-speed Internet access. WiMAX technology has better security support than Wi-Fi.

Also, all user traffic is encrypted before being routed through the Network and only the user associated with the particular customer-provided equipment (CPE) can access the internet.

In Nepal, NTC has been providing the WiMAX service for about 8 years. NTC has expanded WiMAX service coverage to 49 districts of Nepal.

Nepal Telecom WiMAX enables broadband wireless anywhere, anytime using any WiMAX enabled devices, whether it is a desktop modem or laptop, digital phone, or even a game device. Mobile WiMAX creates a smooth broadband environment at home and on the move. The Range of WiMAX is 15 Kms for the Rural area and 4 Kms for the Urban area. But most of the time, it depends upon the type of devices. The internet speed ranges from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

NTC WiMax Price:

WiMax has various plans :

  • WiMAX unlimited plan
S.N.SpeedData Volume (GB)RateUserValidity
1speed up to 512 KbpsUnlimited1500Private1 Month
2Speed up to 512 KbpsUnlimited1000Rural Municipality1 Month
  • WiMAX volume based plan (speed up to 2Mbps)
S.N.Data Volume (GB)Price (Rs.) Validity
11050015 days
2201,0001 Month
3703,0003 Months
41756,0006 Months
550012,0001 Year
6100020,0001 Year
7230035,0001 Year Corporate Pack
  •  Packages Bundling with USB Dongle
S.N.Data Volume (GB)Price (Rs.) Validity
12506,0001 Year

CPE Price and range

  • USB Dongle: Rs 5000 (2 Km)
  • USB Modem: Rs 7000 (3 km)
  • Indoor CPE: Rs 12,000 (5 km)
  • Outdoor CPE: Rs 19,000 (15 km)

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Why WiMAX?

Convenient: get internet connection everywhere by just moving around the CPE device.

Subscription: you can subscribe one connection for one CPE device and roam around the country in order high-speed internet access.

Wireless: No Wire and No Telephone connection required.

Setup & activation: WiMAX setup and activation are quick and fast so you don’t have to wait for telephone running.

Quality connection: Using WiMAX you can browse through internet at a very good speed.

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