Know what Nepali people searched most in Google during this COVID 19 Period

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Due to Coronavirus people have been forced to stay inside and it is not slowing down. This virus has impacted every area and it’s been 5 months that people have not been able to do their regular tasks. So, in this pandemic period, false rumors are very much trending. Due to which people do not get proper information. And that is Google comes to rescue. We can find proper information and resources on Google. So, We have prepared the list of keywords on the basis of what Nepali people have searched in Google in this pandemic period.

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What Nepali people searched most in Google during this COVID 19 Period?

What Nepali people searched most in Google during this COVID 19 Period?

1.Sushant Singh Rajput

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide on July 14, 2020. The actor was famous for featuring in various films like Dhoni, Kai Po Che, Sonchiriya, and many more.

2.Zoom Video

Zoom video is the trending video communication app in the pandemic period. It has various features like video and audio conferencing, chat options, and webinars.


Mehndi or henna is used to create designs on hands. It is mainly done by females in the month of Shrawan. It is also used as a dye and conditioner for the hair.

4.Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a virtual classroom launched by Google. Various features like video communication, Attendance option, and assignment submission are available. In the time of pandemic Google Classroom is highly used by various schools.

5.Worldometers website

This website provides the data of the coronavirus cases in various countries and regions.

What Nepali people searched related to Corona in Google during this COVID 19 Period?

#MOHP Corona update

Ministry of Health and Population Nepal provides updates on new cases, recovered cases, deaths, etc. about coronavirus every day. To get the updates from the ministry about the virus in Nepal this search term was searched.

#Coronavirus Vaccines

This search term was used in order to find out if there was any update on the vaccine for the virus. But until now many countries have claimed to have found the vaccine but none have been approved for the cure.

#District wise corona cases in Nepal

Coronavirus has spread widely in Nepal. So, To know about the cases of corona in the various districts people searched for this term.

#Lockdown update in Nepal

Nepal has already gone through the lockdown phase but due to an increase in the cases government may again arrange a second lockdown. So, people are curious about it and thus searched for it on Google.

#Kathmandu Lockdown

Katmandu is the capital of Nepal. The cases there are increasing rapidly so people are searching for this term to know about any chances for lockdown in Kathmandu.

#India Lockdown

Nepal has an open border with India. Many Nepali people go there for employment. Also, Nepal does imports and export with India. So, To know about the lockdown in India people search for this term.

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