SEE result was published Lately, have you viewed your results?

What SEE is?

SEE (School Education Examination) is the final examination of academy position that’s taken by the NEB (National Examination Board) in the final test of class 10 after which the scholars will successfully pass the secondary academy position. In this period, SEE is considered as the introductory conditions for nearly every sector.

SEE Result

Talking about SEE results 2081, the result was published on 27th June 2024 where altogether 4,64,785 scholars took part where only 47.86 percent of scholars passed. And the total scholars scoring 4.0 GPA is 186 and hence altogether 52.14 percent of students got classified as Non-Graded (NG). A huge number of the students are complaining that they’re getting ABSENT on the result which they had tried.

Also, numerous of the students have scored high in Mathematics as well as utmost of them have got NG on Mathematics.

Table of total students:

Number of studentsPassed StudentsFailed Students (NG)
Total Students4,64,7852,42,4272,42,313

Check your Grades 

SEE Results

You can check results through various methods in recent times, but here are some links from where you can see your see result with the help of your Symbol Number.

NEB (Nepal Examination Board) or You can observe your result through this link.

Nepal Telecom




Edusanjal website Type this link on your browser and fill in the necessary information (Symbol Number) and click on submit. You will be able to see your SEE result.

You can review your details and get a printout or the pdf format for the future reference.

Kantipur Publication Limited

Swift Technology pvt ltd


Phoenix Education Foundation


Open the messaging application in your device and type “SEE” with a space and your symbol number and send it to 1600. 


“SEE 0123456A”

Then you will receive a message containing your SEE result.

IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

It allows you to know your result through landlines,PSTN, or CDMA phones. 

Dial 1600 and follow the instructions instructed on the phone call to get your result through IVRS.

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Grade Table

You can analyze your grade from the grading table below:

SNGrade PointGradePercentage(%)Remarks
14.0A+90 – 100Outstanding
23.6A80 – below 90Excellent
33.2B+70 – below 80Very Good
42.8B60 – below 70Good
52.4C+50 – below 60Satisfactory
62.0C40 – below 50Acceptable
71.6D35 and aboveBasic
8Non- Graded(NG)Below 35Unclassified


SEE Result

Hence, you can get to know your grade from the help of above links mentioned in the article. And to know your percentage or your remarks you can see the grade table and compare your grade. SEE result is published but yet to tough to get so here in this article you will find a perfect guide for see result.

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