Business Clinic: Where business diseases are cured

Business Clinic: Where business diseases are cured

What is Business Clinic?

Business Clinic is a national-level project where any SME/MSME owner can get admitted, get PRO BONO (Free of cost) advice from various national and international business experts where entire solution design will be provided. This initiative by Katha Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is mainly for businesses that are having a difficult time navigating COVID – 19 crises.

In simple words, Business Clinic is a clinic where the Business problems are Identified, Analyzed, Solutions of problems are created, and solutions are executed. Its main focus is to empower and enable MSMEs and SMEs to create a future for businesses and stakeholders. The business clinic will help you plan your business, manage your business, and GROW your business.

Dear SMEs,

If you do well,


-Business Clinic

Why Business Clinic ?

Business Clinic

Due to Coronavirus, many lives are affected many Businesses are on the verge of closing. The market places are still lacking customers and demand is decreasing rapidly. The economy of the country is facing about 168 billion loss with the lowest growth in service for about 18 years. Many industries are closing down, 22 % of employees have been relieved of their jobs, and many facing salary cuts. It will take around 9 months after the pandemic is over to recover and start businesses again normally.

If there is no improvement in Corona virus situation then:

  • 30% of businesses can continue for a month
  • 25% of businesses can continue for 2 months
  • 13% of businesses can continue for 3 months
  • 7% of businesses can continue for 12 months

Among all, the Micro Small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) & Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are facing great difficulty as among 60% closed industries 96% are MSMEs and SMEs. They do not have the support of the government or international organizations. This pandemic has decreased the flow of people in the market so there is a high drop in demand. The customers and vendors are not paying timely and the supply chain is very weak as they lack the modern knowledge about sales distribution. Due to irregularities in transportation, they face a raw material shortage, and also they are short on labors.

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What does Business Clinic do?

Business Clinic

The Business Clinic works in the same pattern as the health clinics. It has 5 phases :

  • Problem identification: First, various problems related to the product, management, or supply which are faced by SMEs are identified.
  • Situation Analysis: This is where the Business Clinic doctors come to action they explore the business in each case and perform various analyses such as financial analysis, fundamental analysis, gap analysis, market analysis, price analysis, and technical analysis.
  • Architect Solution: Then the business doctors will create the solution and provide the solution verbally and in a documented format with a built-in implementation plan.
  • Plan Execution: MSMEs and SMEs will use the plan and solution accordingly and provide feedback. It involves responsibility, support system, information system, budget, metrics, milestone, and completion dare.
  • Result Measurement: At last MSMEs and SMEs will share the final verdict. The expected planning and result is shown below:
Business Clinic

When will the Business Clinic be available ?

Business Clinic

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