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How to download paid apps for free? (2020)

How to download paid apps for free? (2020)

Download Paid Apps For Free

Most of us use the play store to download android apps in our smartphones. There are many apps in the different categories available to download. But the problem is all apps are not free to download and we need to pay for them to use them. So what if you don’t want to pay or cannot afford to pay? There are certain apps from which you can download paid apps for free legally. We have listed the apps from which you can download paid apps for free.

App sales

get paid apps for free

App sales provide paid apps list which is free for download with sorting and listing features. To get details of any listed app you can simply long-press on the specific app. Not only free apps, but it also provides apps that are in discount and in the sale. Also, Blacklist and Watchlist features are available.

Paid Apps Gone Free (PAGF)

get paid apps for free

Paid Apps Gone Free (PAGF) is an app that lists free apps that are free for a limited time. This is an app but actually it directs to a blog where the list of the free app is available to download. The list of apps provided is refreshed on a daily basis. One of the best things about this app is it is fast and fetches the apps in real-time. It also has a sorting and filter option.


get paid apps for free aptoide

Aptoide is a third party android app store that is free to download and is a competitor of Google play store. It offers android apps which are great and apps are safe as they are verified by Aptoide by going through the various security check. By doing deals with various developers some apps available in the paid section of Google play is also available there for free.


get paid apps for free

Freapp provides a list of free and discounted apps. Also, you can add your Google account and with the help of this, it will suggest apps in which you are interested. Freapp also sends a notification about free apps and discounted apps. It is also available in the web app version.

Google Opinion Rewards

get paid apps for free google reward

You can get paid apps for free by using Google Opinion Rewards as Google rewards you for answering certain questions related to web browsing, Youtube, Movie, Taste, and many more for which Google pays you with money rewards. This money can be used to get paid apps for free from the play store.

Is getting paid apps for free illegal?

It depends on where you download apps from if you use Torrent sites to download then yes it is illegal but if download paid apps when they are free for a certain time then No it is not illegal.

How to download the paid PC software for free?

We have provided a list of sites from where you can download paid software for PC for free and legally. link

Is downloading APKS illegal?

If you download original APKS from trusted sites then it is legal and if you download a copy of original APKS then it is illegal.

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