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Top sites to download series for free



download series for free

Watching series is one of the favorite things to do for most of us. It is always entertaining and fun watching series, and it gets even better if you can download series for free without any payments. More importantly, during this Covid-19 pandemic where you are locked at home, watching a series would be a great option. Here, we have come up with list of sites to download series for free so that you can spend your time watching the series.

You might find downloading series from torrents to be easy and fast, however, they are not safe and you are exposing your device to unknown harms and risks. Your device may be affected by malware and viruses if you use torrent. So, today, we have come up with legal and popular sites to download series for free.

Top sites to download series for free

1. YouTube

download series for free Youtube

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform in the world. Almost all of us are familiar with YouTube and use it for video watching purpose. Since YouTube is the largest video sharing platform, you will able to find a lot of series on YouTube. Although most series may be old, and you will not be able to find most of the recent series on it, it is still the largest platform to find the series that you want.

Although YouTube does not give you any functionality to download series, there is plenty of software that you can use to download YouTube videos for free. If you are unaware of methods to download YouTube videos, then here’s an article on how to download YouTube videos for free.

2. TVseriesPage

TV series page download series for free

The TVseriesPage is a great site to download series for free. This site does not require any registration to download the series. You can find all varieties of series from popular TV networks such as ABC, BBC, FOX, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV+, and more. This site uses other third-party services to host videos.

You will get the option to download from three different sources while downloading a series. If you want a faster download speed, then you need to pay some amount for premium downloads. However, you can still download the series for free with normal download speed.

3. Grab the Beast

Grab the beast

Grab the beast is another popular site to download series for free. You get access to a large number of TV shows and series, and you can download the series for free. You can download the videos in various qualities including SD 480p, HD 720p, and Full HD 1080p.

Most of the series come with subtitles on it. In addition, you can download the series using direct links, so that you don’t have to go through any other torrent links or paid links. If you do not find the show you are searching for, you can also request the shows in the “Request a show” section.

4. Netflix


Netflix is a name probably that most of us know. It is a video streaming platform which has a large number of customers. With a collection of wide range of movies and series from around the world, Netflix is very popular.

In addition, Netflix also has its own Netflix original movies and series in the platform that makes it even more appealing. Although this is a subscription based platform, you can still enjoy 30 days trial for free. During this period, you can download series for free and watch it on your device.

5. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a popular TV and movie streaming platform like Netflix. Sony Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures entertainment. Unlike Netflix though, Sony Crackle is an entirely free platform, and you do not need to have any subscription to use this site.

Also, it also has many exclusive series produced by Sony itself. The only trade-off of being a free download site is that you have to watch a few ads to use the Sony Crackle. It is also cross-platform supported, therefore, you can use their app on your Android, iPhone, Gaming console, and smart TVs. However, this site is not available in all regions and you may have to use a VPN to access this site depending on which region you are on.

6. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a site dedicated to classic cinema and you can download series for free on this site. It contains some of the classic movies and series. If you are a classic movies or series fan, then this will be the perfect site for you. You can either watch the series online of download the series for free from this website.

7. TV Shows

TV Shows

TV Shows is a site where you can download series for free. It contains all the latest TV shows and series that you can either watch online or download for free. You do not need to have any subscriptions to download series from this site. Also, it provides various direct download options and video qualities to choose from.

Now, enjoy watching your favorite series for free.

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