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How to auto-reply email on the iPhone?

How to auto-reply email on the iPhone?

You can set up an auto-reply email on the iPhone. Emails are one of the most used communication methods, especially for business and professional purposes. So, one should always check their emails regularly. However, sometimes you may not be available on the office or you might have gone on a vacation and you might not be able to check the mails instantly.

Not replying to emails might also make a wrong impression to the sender, therefore, we have the feature of auto-reply email on the iPhone so that you can enjoy your vacation.

The auto-reply email on the iPhone is very useful. Some people also know this message as the out of office message. It will reply to the mail automatically for you with the automatic message that you have set up. This will help others know that you are not available currently and you can also notify them when you will be available through the auto-reply email as well.

This feature is available for applications like Gmail and Outlook an Microsoft Exchange email accounts. However, you can only make auto-reply email on the iPhone for Microsoft Exchange email accounts using the iPhone settings. To use this feature on Gmail or outlook, you need to make the changes in the app’s settings itself.

How to set up auto-reply email on the iPhone for the mail app?

Set up auto-reply email on the iPhone for the mail app

Step 1: Open iPhone “Settings”.

auto reply email on the iPhone settings

Step 2: After that, open “Password & Accounts”.

Step 3: Then select the Microsoft account that you want to set up auto reply for.

Automatic reply settings

Step 4: After that, you will see an option “Automatic Reply”. Click on that option and turn in on.

Automatic reply setup

Step 5: Now, set your away message and also the end date of the auto-reply. Then, click on “Save”.

Now, your auto-reply message is set. So, if anyone sends you emails on your Microsoft Exchange account, the set message will be automatically sent and this feature remains active till the end date.

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How to set up auto-reply email on the iPhone for Gmail?

Step 1: Open the Gmail app.

Step 2: Click on Menu which is the three horizontal lines on the top left.

Step 3: Click on “Settings”.

auto-reply emails on the iPhone

Step 4: Choose the account for which you want to set up auto-reply.

Step 5: Then, select “Out of Office AutoReply” from the options. If you do not see this option, then it is because sometimes it is there as “Vacation Responder”. If you see this option, then select this option.

gmail auto reply setup

Step 6: After that, turn on the “Out of Office AutoReply” option or the “Vacation responder” option.

Step 7: Now, fill in the sections like the first day and last day, subject, and message of the auto-reply email. You can also select the option to send only to your contacts as well.

Step 8: After that, click on the “Save” option on the top right.

Now, you have successfully set up auto reply emails on the iPhone for both Gmail and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

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