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ICT Trends in 2020

ICT Trends in 2020

“ICT trends in 2020”

We are living in an era of faster technological development and the speed of technology and innovation is increasing every day.

2020 marks the start of a new decade and there is so much to learn and know, lots of content on the internet, it becomes really hard to keep up to date with everything.

Most of the companies are struggling to keep up with the leading extended technologies. Everyone wants to be updated on the upcoming trends of technology,2020 ICT Trends.

Here I have an amazing list that makes it a must-read to know about ict trend 2020.

Some of the most innovative tech developments that have the greatest potential to transform the world of technology within a few years.

7 ICT Trends in 2020

  1. AI and Machine Learning
  2. 5G
  3. Autonomous Driving
  4. Predictive & Precision Medicine
  5. Computer Vision
  6. Extended Reality
  7. Blockchain

AI and Machine Learning

AI and ML ict trends
Robot playing piano

There are various definitions of these two. But the central concept imitates human intelligence. They use algorithms and data to react and respond to specific actions.

AI and machine learning represent a breakthrough in the past decade and are being expanded in numerous businesses from marketing and e-commerce to medicine and banking.

Many businesses were applying their AI-based machines in an expensive proposition. So now its time and is going to become a massive trend in 2020 to make AI as a service.

5G[Fifth Generation]

5G  ict trends

It’s basically a fifth-generation mobile network. So, this means you have probably seen the evolution from 3G to 4G basically has given us faster connectivity in mobile phones.

In 4G we cannot see faster videos, in 5G it gives us faster video service, it increases more latency and makes implications faster. Moreover, for businesses especially connecting machinery for automated cars, self-driving cars required a high speed of connectivity. The Internet of things needs reliable data to push data forward and backward from clouds.

In 2020 this is going to be trend and 5G is going to make a massive difference.

Autonomous Driving

autonomous driving  ict trends

Autonomous driving means self-driving cars. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla has basically said that by the end of 2019 he will have his Tesla car be autonomous. And by 2020 we are hoping that those cars will be on the road being able to drive anywhere completely autonomously.

Talking about autonomous cars it’s not about self-driving cars but also an evolution towards those steps and steps taken. We will have cars that understand lane system and have descriptions of switching lanes. Not only cars but also self-driving ships, robots and more autonomous driving as a massive trend for 2020.

Predictive & Precision Medicine

predictive & precision medicine  ict trends

We are currently seeing is this complete transformation of healthcare and medicine where technology is making a really big difference. So recent advances in the Internet of Things technology so smarter devices.

In addition to AI and some real breakthroughs in genomics mean that we can now have much more much predictive capability.

Let us take an example of Apple Watch, in a recent article it is said that Apple watch can increase one’s life span 2 years more. Apple Watch can measure the heart count and that data can be very useful for someone’s future health predictions and it can give you warnings.

So we can have more such devices in future to predictive health risks to appear in the future and specifically the healthcare doctors will be able to detect what your genetic makeup is and predict what will be best for you to deliver as an individual.

Computer Vision

computer vision  ict trends

Computer vision is a vision that is able to recognize what is on a photograph. And they can now recognize objects in video footage and obviously, we have face recognition capability which is making a big impact on mobile phones and iPhones. Phones that use face ID so basically a face recognition of face scan to lock on in terms of security.

But we will see massively new advances in other fields in 2020. Like in Uber and other taxi services it has been used to recognize the driver and both security purposes and billing purposes it has been seen this.

Similarly in amazon, these face recognition tools are used to monitor what you are. who you are and what you are buying and they will charge the monitor according to the shopping carts and products.

So appropriately this is a technology that will evolve very fast in 2020.

Extended Reality

extended reality  ict trends

What we have seen up to now, the three categories of realities. i.e Virtual reality, Augmented reality and mixed reality. Virtual reality means seeing the virtual world using headsets and augmented reality be overlaying things onto the real worlds using computer screens or glasses. Lastly, Mixed reality is an overlaid digital object in the real world like a hologram.

We are able to interact with this and we have recently seen is that technology is evolving so fast in this space. The microscope has released their latest holo lens. A mixed reality headset that is leading-edge.

we are seeing augmented being recently used by companies. How Rolex watch is using phone screens to try out different colors of the watch. How this try before buy is trending and going to evolve more in 2020.


blockchain  ict trends

Blockchain is a list of blocks that contains pieces of data each of which has a specific timestamp linked to a previous block. It is stored on separate computers. In other words, it’s a distributed ledger that stores transaction records on many machines such as structure prevents any alternations to a block having altered the other blocks which can be especially beneficial for fraud prevention purposes.

It is widely used in healthcare, finance and stock transactions.

As technology is really evolving, much more ICT trends in 2020 will be seen and we will be updating soon.

Keep following ICTByte for such updates and news.

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