Top 7 Technology Portals of Nepal

Top 7 Technology Portals of Nepal

“7 Technology Portals of Nepal”

Generally, Nepal is new in this world of digitalization, innovations, and technology. Looking back to a few years, the improvement in the tech industry is fast and growing rapidly these days.

This steady growth in the technology industry and digitalization seems a better future and many more innovations in Nepal.

Talking about the technical blogs and technical news in Nepal, there are very few portals that we can event count in our fingers. People in Nepal are still comfortable with the printed newspapers and also that very few people used to get updates with technology through sites.

But now people are getting influenced by the Blogging Industry, Vlogs, Writing and Blogging Community. They are trying their own creativity and producing their own innovative content in different ways.

From the past few years, we have seen a lot of technical blogs, videos have been created, some failed, some are doing great and some are still making money for their living.
We can take a good example like GadgetByteNepal and TechLekh.

Okay, talking more here I have mentioned other top technology portals in Nepal that are doing great these days in 2020.

I have done these lists randomly, not any rank basis, all are great and have their content in their own innovative way.

Top 7 Technology Portals of Nepal



iCTSAMACHAR was initially Livinginict is an A grade categorized IT magazine in Nepal from Press Council Nepal. It is owned by IC Tech Media Pvt Ltd. Email:

iCTSAMACHAR is a Nepali language Online Portal which provides :

  • Recent News, Popular News
  • Reviews of Products and Apps
  • Infoplus, and Tech tricks
  • Advertisements
  • Storyprofile
  • Education News and Corporate News
  • Magazines

It is also available in Google Play store.


ICTFrame is a Information and Communication Site which is owned by ICTFrame Magazine Pvt Ltd. Email :

It provides the content in English Language.

ICTFrame provides :

  • Recent News
  • Event Details
  • Gadgets Price
  • Startups and Innovation News
  • Interviews
  • Autolife
  • Telecom News
  • Health & Science
  • Banking & Insurance News
  • Security Information


TechPana is a Online Technical Portal which provides the content in Nepali.

There are many features you can get in this site like

  • Telecom News, Offer, Tips & Tricks, Brand
  • Internet Offers, Training, Brand and updates
  • Gadgets Review, Upcoming Products, Gadget Brands and Bazzaar
  • Startup News
  • CyberSecurity News
  • Technology and Social Media
  • IT Education, Global, and Nepali Tech News

Blogortech is a popular online site for tech events in Nepal. Its contents are written in English. It is associated with multiple Media Partners like GDG DevFest Ktm 2016, NEXT Growth Conclave 2018, Tourism Udhyami Seed Camp 2018, WordCamp Ktm 2019, AI Expo Nepal 2019.

BlogorTech site provides :

  • News
  • Events
  • Nepali Apps Information
  • StartUp TechTalks
  • Guest Posts
  • Tech Events


GadgetByteNepal is a Leading Tech Review Online portal that provides the latest news about gadgets and laptops in Nepal. This portal is mainly providing Mobile News, Reviews and Updates since 2013 till date.

It provides updates like:

  • Latest Technical News
  • Mobile Reviews
  • Applications
  • Mobile Prices
  • Laptop Prices
  • Guides

gadgetsinnepal is a online technical site that is similar to GadgetByteNepal but Best of Best Category of Mobile makes it unique.

It also provides features like:

  • Tech News
  • Best of Best Smartphone
  • Mobile Price in Nepal
  • PC/Apps
  • Laptops
  • How to about various topics
  • Tablets and products.

7 Technology Portals of Nepal

TechLekh is one of the Leading Online Technology portal. It provides news about all kinds of technology from Mobiles, Laptops to Pcs. It provides recent ICTNEWS.

TechLekh provides :

  • Tech News
  • Automobiles (Bikes and Cars) News
  • Startup News
  • Apps
  • Reviews
  • Event News and Details
  • Deals and Offers.

Keep vising ICTBytes for such updates and technical news.

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