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Apple makes watchOS 7 official, with handwashing, sleep tracking, and dancing

Apple makes watchOS 7 official, with handwashing, sleep tracking, and dancing

Yesterday, On WWDC conference Apple revealed watchOS7, an update to its watchOS.

Apple has been focusing the watch for the health fitness and continuing the same path, it has added a sleep tracking, handwashing detection, and a redesigned and renamed Activity app in the Apple new OS. Let’s see more on these features;

Apple watchOS Sleep Tracking

apple watch-os

This is not a new feature in most of the other brand wearables. However, this has been awaited feature for Apple to make it native feature on it’s Watch.

With watchOS 7, you can set a bedtime and wake-up time that your Apple Watch and connected iPhone will remind you to follow.

Those devices will also work together to give you a personalized “wind-down” routine before you go to bed, which can include your favorite meditation apps. It will also turn on Do Not Disturb on your phone as soon as your sleeping time starts.

Similarly, your sleep routines will also be tracked in the iOS Health app.

Health and fitness

apple watch-os health and fitness
Iamge: Apple

The watchOS Activity app has now been renamed “Fitness.” Your workout history and trends will be displayed on one screen. Similarly, in the Workout app, dancing has been added as a new type of exercise, along with core training and functional strength training. There are also new cool downs to help you round out your fitness experience. 

Handwashing detection is another health-focused feature added to watchOS. It’s an automatic handwashing detection, that is a combo of motion sensing and machine learning. As soon as you start washing your hands while wearing the Apple Watch, it will provide you a 20-second countdown timer on the screen. It means to watch your hands at least 20 seconds, it’s important.

Obviously, it will also track your handwashing habits.

Share your watch face and more

more feature on Apple watchos

Apple has also revealed a number of enhancements and made more versatile with additional new comlications in the apps of watchOS.

Examples of new watch face features included one that shows baby nap times and another that indicates water temperatures for surfers.

Last but not least, Apple also added a specialized cycling instructions in the watchOS Maps app. If the cyclers need to dismount and carry their bike up some stairs along their route, the Apple Watch will tell them as much.

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