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How to pay the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Bill Online? Here is how you can read your meter online and pay digitally.



electricity bill online

Nepal Electricity Authority – NEA now allows you to read billing of your electricity meter and pay bill online. After the coronavirus pandemic, all counters to pay electricity bills are closed. And, NEA introduces the system to read and pay bill by yourself.

How to read your meter and see how much bill you need to pay for electricity in Nepal?

  • Go to the official website of Nepal Electricity Authority.
  • At the right side, click register.
  • You will get consumer registration form.
  • Fill up your data. You should fill the following:
    • Consumer Name
    • Email ID
    • Mobile number, which is your username.
    • Password
  • After filling password, re-enter your password and confirm it.
  • When you completed the sign up, enter the username and password and click login in the form from right side.
electricity bill online
  • After logging in, click “Add Consumer”
electricity bill online
  • Now fill up the consumer registration form.
    • Select the branch where you pay electricity bill.
    • Enter consumer id.
    • Enter Consumer name.
    • Click submit.
electricity bill online
  • When you click the submit “Consumer Added Sucessfully” message is shown.
  • Now, you can click on “CLICK” to view details.
electricity bill online
  • After clicking, you will see the Meter Reading Entry Form.
  • Enter the number you see in your meter.
  • You will see the bill amount.
  • Now, you can pay your bill.

Do we really have to pay electricity bills in this lockdown? Didn’t the government say that you can pay your bill after lockdown?

You can pay it after lockdown too. Delay charge has been waved.i.e Additional interest charges won’t be added.

But this is for those who want to pay regularly thinking that paying at once can be an economic burden later.

Also this system will help consumers, they will not be compelled to pay higher rater later due to less assumed reading now.

Also you will only get 2% discount for timely payment.

How to pay the electricity bill if there is no counter option of my location in the NEA Portal?

Pay your bill online using other digital platforms or digital wallets.

To pay electricity bill online in Nepal, Read: How to pay your electricity bill online?

Why nea meter reading yourself?

This portal is mainly designed to update reading as due to lockdown, NEA is unable to send their employees for reading. Maybe this is for a temporary solution.

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