A cool event happened at Informatics College in Pokhara on April 20th, 2024. Two groups, Code for Change Pokhara and Dvorak Innovation, teamed up to talk about smart computers and data stuff. It was super interesting and everyone learned a lot!

What Happened:
The event was all about learning about smart computers and how we use data to make cool things. People talked about their projects and shared ideas.

Who Talked:
Some people talked about what their groups do. There was Anusha from Code for Change Pokhara, Prasamsha from Dvorak Innovation, and Mr. Sushil Baral who knows a lot about smart computers.

What They Did:
The event started with signing in, then the talks began. They talked about smart computers and how they work, then had a break. After the break, they kept talking and asked questions.

The Best Bits:
The talks were awesome! Everyone got to hear about cool projects and ask questions. Even though some talks were a bit fast, everyone still enjoyed it. Some people even wanted to work with Dvorak Innovation after hearing about their projects.

What People Said:
People said they liked the event but had some ideas to make it even better. They wanted fewer technical problems and for the talks to be a bit slower. But overall, everyone left feeling excited to learn more!

In short, the event was super cool and showed how smart computers can change the world. It was a fun day at Informatics College, Pokhara!

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