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How to Delete Reddit Account?



delete Reddit account

If you are new to the Reddit it can be really confusing with the content . However, if your brain wants a break from Reddit, deleting your account is a good solution. 

How to delete your Reddit account?

1. Open Reddit in your device either smartphone or PC. 

2. If you haven’t logged in yet, then you need to enter your account credentials by clicking “Log in”. After that, you’ll be redirected to the homepage. 

3. Click the arrow next to the icon for a dropdown menu. 

4. Go to “My Stuff” and select “User Settings” option. 

5. Then you’ll find the “Account” tab of settings. You need to scroll to the bottom and click “Deactivate Account”. 

6. Finally you will be able to delete Reddit account.

What you need to know more? 

Once you delete your Reddit account, its deleted for permanently i.e. it is gone forever, along with all your favorite posts. Your comments will still be seen if not individually deleted before deactivating. But the owner of the comments will be viewed as [deleted]. 

How to delete my Reddit history?

1. Go to your profile picture on the screen.
2. Select ” Settings“.
3. Under “Advanced “, click ” Clear local history“.

How can I delete hidden history on Reddit?

Open your browser window. Scroll down to the ‘settings’ and click on it. You will see a list menu. Then scroll the listed menu to the ‘Privacy’ icon. You will find Security when you scroll the list. Click on it. Then scroll and click on ‘history’. You can choose to delete individual sites or you can delete the sites in bulk. To clear all the sites, click on ‘delete all’ and tap ‘OK’.

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