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How to completely delete a Facebook account?



delete facebook account

Facebook has been helpful to many for us by letting us be in touch with our friends and family. Likewise, for many people, it has helped to grow their business. However, in recent years, Facebook has been accused of using or giving private information of its user to other people or business. By listening to these kinds of news, many people wanted to delete their Facebook account.

delete FB account

If you are one of those people who wants to permanently delete their account then continue reading. The Facebook gives you two options, either deactivate your account for some period of time or delete the account permanently.

Before deleting your account completely, download your information first. As completely deleting your count leads to deleting all the information and pictures that you have on FB. Here are the steps to completely delete your Facebook account.

Steps to completely delete a Facebook account

Step 1: Open your facebook account from desktop or Mobile phone.

Step 2: Click on the arrow-like button on the top right. Then click on “Settings and Privacy” and go to settings.

On mobile phone, tap on the 3 striped button and scroll down. After that tap on “Settings and Privacy” and go to settings.

How to completely delete a Facebook account?

Step 3: Click on “Your Facebook Information” which is in the left column.

On mobile phone, scroll down and when you see Your Facebook Information, tap on “Account ownership and control” option.

Step 4: Click View on “Deactivation and Deletion“. Or you can just click on Deactivation and Deletion.

How to completely delete a Facebook account?

Step 5: Choose Permanently Delete Account, then click Continue to Account Deletion. After that, FB will ask if you want to download your information.

If you want to download your information click on Download Info.

Step 6: Click on Delete Account. You have to enter your password and then click Continue.

If you log in to your account in less than 30 days, the deleting process will be cancelled. Likewise, after 30 days all the information will be permanently deleted.

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