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How to permanently delete the TikTok account?

How to permanently delete the TikTok account?

Just in case you are new to this app, TikTok was initially released in September 2016 in China. It is one of the best video sharing platforms for the user to make a short video and is the world’s fastest-growing social networking app.

This app allows users to shoot, edit, and share short videos with filter, animation effect, and far more like other social apps its available for both iOS and android. It has reached the number of almost 1 billion downloads recently.

While joining the TikTok and making account may be a simple process, deleting an account could be a bit more complicated. The shortfall of privacy settings is commonly the explanation why the users are choosing to delete their accounts permanently.

If you would like to urge off the app for now and return later when content gets better, you can simply uninstall it. You need to go to Google Play store or Apple App store if you have got an iPhone. But just in case getting rid from TikTok forever you may delete the account.

If you would prefer to delete your TikTok account, but haven’t any idea, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s discuss “How to delete TikTok account permanently”. If you have decided to say goodbye to TikTok, you must detain mind the upcoming effects. Before going forward with deleting the TikTok account you need to note that after requesting for deletion TikTok will first deactivate the profile 30 days quite the same as how Facebook works and so delete it after 30 days.

If you log before 30 days the account will be re-activated again. But once your account has been deleted, you won’t be able to sign in with that account. Nevertheless, shared information like messages with other users may still be accessible to the other users involved in those chat.

How to delete a TikTok account?

You need to feature your phone number to account before you proceed to delete it. A verified number is a necessity for removing your Tik Tok account.

  • After you have opened the Tiktok app, log into your account, if needed.
  • Toggle over to the Me section to view your profile.
  • Once the new window opens, hit the Privacy and Settings option.
  • Tap on Manage my account option.
  • Scroll to the down, where you see Thinking about removing your account. Tap it hit Send code.
  • Enter the four-digit code. Then tap Continue.
  • Hit Delete Account. Now You’ll be logged out and your account will be deleted.

You may have to undergo a verification process after tapping “Delete account” at the bottom of the

“Manage my account” page, if, for instance, you used your Google account while making your TikTok account.


After you delete the TikTok account you will not be able to log in to TikTok with your account and lose access to any videos you have got posted. TikTok guidelines have also mentioned that after deleting the account users won’t get a refund on any items they purchased from the platform.

Written by – Pooja Karki

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