What is User Authentication? Defines User Authentication as the process of verifying an identity claimed by or for a system entity. This process consists of two steps: Identification step: Presenting an identifier to the security system. (Identifiers should be assigned carefully, because authenticated identities are the basis for other securityRead More →

Introduction to Information Technology

B.Sc. CSIT 1st Semester Old Questions Subject : Introduction to Information Technology Year: 2065 BSc.CSIT 1st Semester Introduction to Information Technology Old Questions Long Questions:Attempt any two questions: (2 × 10=20) 1.Explain the major functions of a digital computers. 2.Explain the first, second and third normal form and compare it.Read More →

BSc.CSIT is a 4 year (8 semester’s) course affiliated with Tribhuvan University. The course includes principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology and shows how these principles can be applied to real-world problems. The course structure comprises of Theoretical and Practical aspect with a total of 126 credit hours.  BSc.CSIT First Semester SyllabusRead More →