Top social media sites

In the digital world of today, social media has become an integral part of everybody‚Äôs daily lives, transforming how people communicate and take in information. With thousands of platforms available out there, it’s intriguing to explore and find the top apps in the world of social media. This essay dealsRead More →

facebook blocked in australia

Facebook is restoring news pages in Australia Since last Thursday, Facebook has blocked news to Australians. This action was taken in response to proposed law. The law is intended to pay for the publishers by Facebook and Google. In a statement on Tuesday, Josh Frydenberg informed that news pages willRead More →

How to Clear Your Off-Facebook Activity?

Official Information: In August 20, 2019 Facebook has introduced a New features named Off-Facebook Activity. Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan and the Director of Product Management D. Baser, announced this features on a blogspot. Before launching globally Off-Facebook Activity have been released in Ireland, Spain and South Korea. Description: Off-FacebookRead More →