What are Facebook Recommendations?

For a while, Facebook business Pages used to rely on traditional online reviews and ratings. However, things changed in 2018 when Facebook introduced a set of visual updates and features, including “Facebook Recommendations.”

With this update, Facebook followed the footsteps of platforms like Netflix and YouTube by moving away from the 5-star rating system. Instead, they introduced a simpler Yes/No format. Now, on a business Page’s “Recommendations and Reviews” section, users are presented with a question: “Do you recommend (business name)?”

Users can respond by clicking either the “Yes” or “No” button, and they have the option to elaborate on their recommendations with tags, photos, and additional text.

As a local business Page owner, you won’t receive star-based reviews anymore. Customers will express their opinion by simply indicating whether or not they recommend your business.

How Facebook Evaluates Ratings ?

As per Facebook’s help center, a page’s rating is determined by various inputs, with reviews and recommendations serving as the primary factors. Essentially, user feedback and suggestions significantly influence a page’s rating.

In 2018, Facebook transitioned from a star-based rating system to a recommendation system, eliminating the need for users to assign one to five stars.

To view a page’s rating, the administrator must have received at least one recommendation. Ratings are not displayed for pages lacking sufficient recommendations.

It’s crucial to note that when a user recommends a page, they can select the audience for their recommendation. While recommendations can be shared with all friends or specific individuals, only publicly shared recommendations contribute to the page’s overall rating.

Furthermore, user feedback is entirely user-generated, and Facebook does not verify it.

How to View a Facebook Page’s Rating ?

Navigate to the desired page and access its profile.
The profile displays details such as the page’s rating and the number of ratings received. If a page hasn’t been rated yet, it will indicate ‘Not Yet Rated.’

How to Provide a Rating on Facebook Page ?

  • Visit the page and access its profile.
  • Click on the rating option. (Page Rating and Number of Ratings)
  • Respond to the rating prompt by selecting ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’
  • Selecting ‘Yes’ presents a new interface where you can choose the audience for your recommendation and write a review of at least 25 characters. Afterward, click ‘Share.’
  • Optionally, you can add a photo to your review or skip this step.

How To Disable Facebook Page Ratings ?

  • Access page settings.
  • Under privacy settings, navigate to ‘Page and Tagging.’
  • Toggle the option to allow or disallow others from reviewing the page.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage page ratings on Facebook.

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