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Facebook Bug Discovered by Nepali Bounty, Awarded 1.5 million

Facebook Bug Discovered by Nepali Bounty, Awarded 1.5 million

Every application tends to have vulnerabilities and bugs, its the skill of the Hackers or bounty to identify one and report it. Facebook, being an application has got bugs and vulnerabilities too. A Facebook bug discovered by Nepali Bounty, a 21-year-old and has been awarded about $13,125 (about 1.5 million Nepali rupees) by Facebook as a reward.


Facebook Bug Discovered by Nepali bounty: Who is the Bounty?

Saugat Pokharel, an ethical hacker and cyber-security researcher, is the bounty who have discovered a Facebook bug. Before this bug has been discovered, he had already reported the Instagram Bug and been awarded $6000. He discovered that the Instagram server holds the data (photos and direct messages) deleted by the users a long time ago.

Pokharel has expressed his excitement in his twitter handle, stating that he has been awarded with five digits dollar bounty from the facebook.

The bug is about the inter-operable feature of Facebook for the chats across apps, Instagram and Facebook messenger. With this new feature, confidential User Credentials like Birth date and emails of any Instagram users can be extracted and seen.

The bug has been fixed by Facebook within 3 hours of the report from the Pokharel and responded to him through Facebook notifications and email from the support. He has been awarded by Facebook as a part of its bug-bounty program.

Saugat Pokharel has been discovering bugs from social media in his early 20’s and now being popular as nickname ‘Bug Hunter’. He has collected more than 2 million earlier with more than dozens of Facebook and Instagram bugs.

Saugat Pokharel is a physics student, but has keen interest in the Cyber security and researches. He has done some specialization courses in Ethical hacking. He has been hired by the local cyber security company.

We give a huge congratulations to Mr Saugat Pokharel and thank him from securing our Instagram’s confidential data. Happy Bug-hunting Young man.

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