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5 qualities of meaningful content in social media

5 qualities of meaningful content in social media

Contents are a very powerful way of expressing your thoughts that can be either positive or negative. Sharing your voices through content can be a very powerful source of information. So, it’s important to share quality of meaningful content.

However, sharing facts and information must be limited. It should be useful and informative enough to help people and build their confidence.

In the recent context, we can see, many communities and social media are sharing lots of content. Generally, we see different kinds of contents related to a recent pandemic, COVID-19. People are using their own style of communication to share news and thoughts.

Before sharing any details about coronavirus with your community, there are lots of things we should consider and take care of. So I am sharing some useful tips and updates from global and local health authorities on Facebook Information center and Facebook guide in this writing.

5 qualities of meaningful content to share it in social media

#1. Engaging

engaging quality of meaningful content

Write your posts engaging to the users. It should be engaging that sparks authentic shares and back and forth discussions in the comment sections.

You can do this by responding to the comment on your posts to show people how you are there for them. It creates a sense of connection with people in the community in this time os physical distancing.

Also, comments on other posts and contents. You can reshare the content to your feeds or stories and tag them.

#2. Relevant

relevant quality of meaningful content

Write out the relevant content that people in the community are searching for, on the topics that capture people’s attention.

You can do this by using hashtags in your feeds and stories such as #Staysafe #Safehands #socialdistancing.

Another way of writing relevant content can be by knowing who your audience is. You can tag relevant people and locations too to reach relevant audiences and people.

#3. Original

original quality of meaningful content

Write your content in your own way i.e Unique and original. The content author should be you. This will helps you to make the quality of meaningful content.

You should focus on creating new topics rather than duplicating other content. Because that’s no use to duplicate others except the resharing posts from health authorities like WHO.

#4. Consistent

consistent quality of meaningful content

Being consistent with your content means regularly return to your page that will help to create trust in people. Your community will find your page worth returning and helpful as a guide to your useful information.

For doing this, you can go live regularly with useful topics or post your topics and contents regularly at a recurring time.

Share updates between the moments about recent news and you can also mix up things using videos, GIFs, and notes to keep people connected and feel inspire on positivity.

#5. Retentive

Being retentive with your content means to make high-quality content and 3+ minutes content in length for videos. It held to drive longer views in comparison to that of over 1 minute.

Make posts or videos that are relevant and high qualitative for the Facebook watch to share with your social media community.

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Comment down below if you have much more specific tips similar to these tips to make the contents more valuable.

We are also on Twitter and Facebook to be updated with this types of similar tips.

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