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Google Meet Vs Hangouts. Here is what you need to know.

Google Meet Vs Hangouts. Here is what you need to know.

With the emergence of coronavirus, Work from Home culture is increasing. Tech Giant Companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter are encouraging work from home culture.

With rising in these culture, people are now searching for the options to communicate while working from home.

Here, we have listed and explained about two products of google, Google Meet and Hangout from which you can make your communication effective from home as well.

Google Hangouts

For video calls and chat, google hangout is the platform provided by tech giant google. Video, voice call and other services are free in google hangout.

In google hangout chat, 150 members can participate at a time. But for a video call , only 10 members can join at a time.

To start a call on Google hangout, you must need google account. But the account is not needed to join it. Google hangout is basically suitable for small casual group chats.

Google Meet

Google meet is suitable when you want to have communication with larger number of people. Google meet is video conferencing service of google. This is mainly targetted to business.

100 participants are allowed in Google meet at a time. Some of the features you get at google meet are:

  • Scheduling
  • Screen Sharing
  • Captioning at real time.

With a web link, people can join meeting. Meeting can be joined with either computers or mobile phones.

In free version of Google Meet, you need google account. This tool has cap of 60 minutes. But this is removed until September 30, 2020 due to corona virus pandemic.

Google Hangouts or Google Meet. Which one should I use?

This depends on your need. If you are communicating with small groups especially friends, hangout can be an option for you.

Similarly, if you are having larger number in members at conference, you can use Google Meet.

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