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NTC Auto Balance Deduction Issue Solved!

If you are following ICT Byte, you must know about the balance deduction by NTC.

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After around a week of this issue was raised, Nepali Telecom, website which gives telecom updates in Nepal claims that the issue has been solved by Nepal Telecom.

What was the issue of auto balance deduction by NTC?

Users had noticed the balance deduction of NPR 0.09 on daily and sometimes more than once in a day from Nepal Telecom. The balance was deducted in the name of data usage. It became the hot issue because people who even don’t use their mobile data also faced the balance deduction by Nepal Telecom.

According to Nepali Telecom, engineers from Nepal Telecom have resolved the issue. Though we don’t know technical terminologies in detail, the website says this was there issue due to IP address mismatch.

To confirm this issue is resolved , ICT Byte team contacted a person who first raises this issue on a Facebook group “Entrepreneurs for Nepal

He said he is not facing the issue in last few days. Also he informed that a person from Nepal Telecom contacted him and the issue is resolved.

Our Concern

If everything is resolved, its nice. But we want to highlight a statement by MD of Nepal Telecom Dilli Adhikari.

This was published on ICT Frame. Read full article here : Nepal Telecom Users Concerned with Balance Deduction Issue

And we think this statement from MD of Nepal Telecom is wrong.

Are you still facing the issue of balance deduction? Or is your issue solved?

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