Facebook and Google will let employees “Work From Home” for the rest of the year 2020

Facebook and Google Work From Home

Tech giant companies of the world Facebook and Google are soon planning to open their office. But they are also letting their employees work from home for the year 2020.

Google had said that they will let their employees to work from home until 1st June 2020. Later on they extended it for rest of the year.

Similarly, Facebook said it would reopen the office from 6th of July, 2020.

According to Sundar Pichhai, CEO of Google, office will resume from 1st July. Employees who need to come to office will be taken with special care for corona-virus. Employee who can carry out their work from home can complete the job from home. This will be valid for the end of the year 2020.

Likewise, Facebook also have same type of announcement. Employees who can do their work from home can continue job from the home for this year.

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