Top Co-working Spaces in Nepal

Top Co-working Spaces in Nepal

Are you a Startup company looking for a space to work or study? Rent a space at these amazing and affordable Co-working spaces in Nepal.

As a startup company, renting a whole apartment for an office can be too difficult and also a risk to your budget plan. Similarly, working at home can be very distracting. A good practice for a startup company can be sharing a workspace with other similar kinds of business.

Co-working space is a place where several workers from different companies or background share a space with the facilities together. It is also like a community practice that shares ideas, interests, and passion along with the available utilities and infrastructures.

The best thing about co-working spaces is the opportunity that we get to connect with peoples, building networks among people from different backgrounds. If you are a startup you can learn good experiences from different kinds of people and entrepreneurs within that space. Similarly, if you are from an IT company and a web developer, you can meet designers and a software developer within the co-working spaces.

So, in this article, we are presenting you with some amazing Co-working spaces in Nepal.

Top Co-working Spaces in Kathmandu

#1. Work Around

work around co-working space in kathmandu

If you are a person that wants a good setup and a peaceful environment Work Around is one of the best co-working spaces. The setup of this place is beautiful with all the furniture around. It is located in Jayabageshwori Marg, Kathmandu, right after you cross the Kalopul bridge, opposite of the Bhandareshwor temple.

This space provides you service for just Rs.250 per day, Rs.1300 per week, and Rs. 4500 per month. The working hours starts from morning 9 AM to an evening at 6 PM. It has an occupant space of around 28 people with 7 tables.

They provide you equipment like printer, scanner, photocopy machine, and a projector to hold events and workshops. Also, you can have unlimited free drinking water, High-speed WIFI, free tea. If you need some food there’s also a cafe outside and bike parking service is also available here.

Company Name: Work Around

  • Rent Price: Nrs 250 per day | Nrs 1300 per week | Nrs 4500 per month
  • Location: Jaya Bageshwori Marg, Kathmandu
  • Phone : +977-9841527550
  • URL:
  • Working Hour: 9 AM – 6 PM

#2. Innovation Hive

innovation hive co-working space in kathmandu

Innovation Hive is a platform for creative minds and enthusiasts to connect and work under the same roof. It is located in Pulchowk road, Patan. It is one of the best facility based space where one can get high-speed internet with air conditioning and heating. This place offers you free drinking water, free coffee, and free tea.

They have a seminar and learning center which can fit up to 70 people. Also, they have a modern gym, two recreational lounges, and a large garden balcony. They have a variety of meeting rooms which have standard decks. The place is very peaceful that you can conduct events, workshops, and community lunches. This workspace also provides you a personal locker.

Innovation Hive charges you an Rs. 9000 for a month for one person), Rs.12000 for a month (size of 4-25 people), Private office: Rs.25000 which is okay considering the high-quality services and a great space.

Company Name: Innovation Hive

  • Location: Pulchowk Road, Patan, Nepal
  • Phone:+977-9802600222
  • Email:
  • URL:
  • Working Hour: 24 hours

#3. Oojam

oojam co-working space in kathmandu

Oojam is an office like an environment co-working space that provides you aa good environment for work. It is located in Kupondole, patan. The rent space costs you around NRs. 8500 rupees per month if you rent for a year subscription and Rs.10000 per month for normal package.

The place is quite costly than other working space but facilities and environment are great here.

They provide you services like High-speed Wi-fi, air conditioning, and a heater. Along with this, they facilitate you with a good setup library, kitchen, skype room, personal locker, and a maker space. They also have an outdoor terrace and lounge for relaxation. You can get free drinking water, coffee, tea, and a free parking space within this co-working space.

Company Name: Oojam

  • Rent charge: Rs.10000 per month and Nrs. 8500 rupees per month for a year subscription
  • Location: Lalitpur
  • Phone : +977-980207992
  • URL:
  • Working Hour: 9 AM – 6 PM (closed on Saturday)

#4. HQ HQ co-working space in kathmandu HQ is another one of the best co-working spaces located at the Pabitra Workshop in Kathmandu. You can get a private office space here which saves all the hassles of managing logistics of workplaces and get a good office set up at an affordable price. It serves you rent space for Rs. 500 per day starting the work hours from 8 AM to 8 PM.

It provides you all the amenities like free drinking water, tea, coffee, high-speed Wi-Fi, printer, scanners, projectors, and air conditioning. They have a kitchen, skype rooms, personal lockers, library, board games, and ping pong board games too.

Company Name:

  • Rent charge:(1 person): Rs.200 for an hour, Rs.500 for a day, Rs.3000 for a week, and Rs.6000 for a month, Dedicated separate desk: Rs.6000 per month, Private office space for 2 people costs you Rs.24000 for a month
  • Location: Bhakta Marga, Kathmandu
  • Phone : +977-9843079838
  • URL:
  • Working Hour: 8 AM – 8 PM

#5. Haushala

Haushala co-working space in kathmandu

Haushala is another co-working space with a peaceful set up at an affordable price. It is located in Arun Thapa Chowk, Jhamsikhel, Patan.

Haushala provides you good services only for 150 rupees per day. The working hour starts at 9 AM morning and ends at 6 PM.

It contains high-speed Wi-Fi, kitchen service, library, childcare facility, and also a maker space. They also provide you free drinking water, coffee, equipment like printer, scanner, and photocopy machine

Company Name: Haushala

  • Rent charge: NRs. 150 per day | NRs. 1000 per week | NRs. 4000 per month
  • Location: Jhamsikhel Rd, Lalitpur
  • Phone: 01-5521138
  • URL:
  • Working Hour: 9 AM – 6 PM

Co-working spaces outside Kathmandu valley in Nepal.

#1. Gyan Hub

Gyanhub co-working space

Gyan Hub is a co-working space outside the valley located in Pokhara-Baglung Highway, Pokhara. This space working hour starts from 8 AM to 7 PM (closed on Saturday)
This place provides you a lot of services at a charge of only Rs 350 rupees per day. It contains high-speed WI-Fi, air conditioning environment, and free drinking coffee, tea, and water.

They also provide you all require equipment like printer, scanner, photocopy machine, green screen, and projector to conducts the events and workshops. Like others, they have an outdoor terrace, a lounge to relax, and a free parking space.

Company Name: Gyan Hub

  • Rent charge: NRs. 350 per day | NRs. 1200 per week | NRs .5000 per month
  • Location: Pokhara-Baglung Highway, Pokhara
  • Phone : +977-9856038508
  • Working Hour: Morning 6 AM to 7 PM Evening

#2. Khozinfo Spaces

khojinfo spaces co-working space

Khojinfo spaces is another co-working space available in Shikar Path Butwal. This place provides you with decent services with a charge of 300 rupees per day. The opening time starts from 10 AM and ends in the evening at 6 PM.

This place provides you all the necessary facilities like free drinking water, library, board games, printers, scanner, photocopy machine, and a photo studio. They had high-speed Wi-Fi and a space to conduct events and workshops. It also has an outdoor terrace and lounge to relax whenever you need it. There is a free parking space available.

Company Name: Khozinfo

  • Rent space: Nrs 300 per day | NRs 1000 per week | NRs 3000 per month
  • Location: Shikhar Path, Butwal
  • URL:
  • Working Hour: 10 AM – 6 PM


There are many more co-working spaces in Nepal. The trend of this sharing space has increased now and everyone had loved this concept with lots of benefits. This concept has been popular due to its environment and networking spaces for the peoples. So, we recommend trying these co-working spaces according to your preferences, location, and facilities. Don’t forget to comment down below to share your experiences if you have any.

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