How do I know if my phone is out of date?

How do I know if my phone is out of date?

Do you know it can be unsafe to use old android phones? This is due to the different security patches and more.

When hackers find holes in your smartphones, the smartphone companies made patches for the solution and security. Then think, what happens to you if your android phone doesn’t support latest security patches.

If your phone is not running the latest security update, it might be at risk of hacking. And if your phone is vulnerable, it might allow full access of the content what it contains in the outer world. This might contains your personal chats, emails, message and even phone calls.

Here, we will suggest you some tips to check if your phone is out of date or not.

  • Goto setting of your phone.
  • Check software updates
  • Install latest versions

If you can install latest version. install it. You are not so much vulnerable at this time.

But if you see latest version installed before few months back or even few years back, it might be risky to you. This is bad news for you. Your phone might not support the latest version.

Sad thing is that the manufacturer of the phone you own doesn’t warn you about this. And this is really a bad situation. So, you need to check your phone as mentioned above regularly.

If your phone is 2 or 3 years old, it might not support the updates. So, if your phone is older than 3 years, you need to think about replacing your phone.

Is my phone hacked?

It’s difficult to answer this question. But if you see following events on your phone regularly, you need to take cautions.

  • Are you seeing popups from the unknown apps? Here, unknown apps means the apps that you didn’t download?
  • Is there high data usage from your phone though you are not using data?
  • Is there high battery usage?
  • Performance is slow in your phone.

Last two points can be due to outdated hardware as well.

What should I do if I have old phone?

Best idea is not to use the phone if your phone is outdated. But this is not possible always. It is due to financial problem. In this case,

  • Make sure the apps you are using is with latest updates.
  • If you have bought second handphone, reset it fully before using.
  • Always download the app from google play store. Don’t use third-party tools.
  • Avoid installing APK files from different websites.
  • Don’t sync your email and data in the phone.
  • If applicable, don’t use old phones for online banking.

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