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Apps to Help You Work From Home during Covid-19

Apps to Help You Work From Home during Covid-19

Are you working remotely due to this pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19)??

Many peoples are working remotely from home right now. High profile companies are encouraging the employees to stay at their home and work productively using different apps and softwares.

For many smaller companies however the situation is likely to be different, some had paused the work for a while.

Breaking the organization into multiple teams, organizing is preparing for the social distance as possible as they can.

So if you are also working remotely then you obviously need a good laptop and reliable internet connection to get started at home.

Once you have that now you need software and tools to make your work more productive and easy while you are working from home.

For communications:

There are so many communication tools available that are available in free as well as paid versions. Some of the examples can be slack, Discord, Basecamp.Workplace by Facebook and so on.

  • Slack

slack to work remotely

Slack is the most popular work collaboration tool. It lets you have individual chats with co-workers, you can create a group for particular sections or with topics among your team. It also maintains message history.

But there are limitations of message history and numbers of apps you can link in the free version. It also has a functional option to stay online and connected even when you are out away from the office.

  • Zoom

zoom to work remotely

Zoom allows screen sharing platform and instant chat’s free to download and had maximum capacity of 100 users in a video and audio conferencing.
Zoom is available in ios, android and windows.

Download zoom from here

  • Google Hangouts

gogle hangout to work remotely
Google chrome

Hangouts are popular for the messages as well as video calls. There are multiple functionalities to quickly turn off audio and video for ease of communication.

Google also has a google meet that integrates with your work calendar to automatically remind you and show you your meetings. It allows you to easily share your screen in case you want to show slides the detailed steps to your client or colleague.

For worklists and projects

Listing the tasks keeps you track of your work done. So it’s very necessary to make a to-do list. There is a number of tools to make your work logs and lists so that every one of your team members has visibility of that task. Some of the examples are Trello, Google keeps,Asana, Zoho and so on.

  • Trello

trello to work remotely

Trello is a project management tool that manages particular projects, keep track of all the process, comments and had great history management.
The virtual interface and drag and drop functionality of Trello make project management easier.

  • Google keep

google keep to work remotely
Google Keep

Similarly google keep is more helpful to create specific lists, taken notes with pictures and audio clips.
It can de be done and share with co-workers whenever need and to clarify the’s a versatile tool for ease of communication.

Asana, Zoho, pay mo are mainly for the small teams to manage the projects. It helps for the productivity of teams by sending out small progress and to stay in touch with the progress.

Finally, for productivity

  • G-Suite apps

g-suite to work remotely
Image Credit : Google

There’s a Google suite that lets you work on worksheets, written documents, presentations directly using a browser. They can be even saved in offline version if needed. You can save it in google drive in a cloud and share creating a link with specific users. You can restrict users to edit, read-only and write mode

There are multiple tools like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive to make the documents while you are working remotely.

These are all the tools from Google. Whatever you need google has a tool. You can prepare presentations with google slides, write raw notes on google docs. You can keep a log of all the works in google sheets. All these documents can be store in the folder in google drive.

Download G-suites from here

  • ​Microsoft Teams

microsoft onedrive to work remotely
Microsoft Onedrive

Similarly, Microsoft has also Office online suite such as word, excel, and PowerPoint.It also has a one drive option.

Download this software from their official sites.

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