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Ask Siri about the Covid-19 Disease

Ask Siri about the Covid-19 Disease


You must have heard about Siri. It’s a digital assistant that makes your work easier and faster.

Siri has the ability to make your calls and send text messages whenever you are busy driving or something else. It can read your messages on your air pods. It even suggests you text messages like you are running late for a meeting.

Siri can sets alarms, reminders and timers. It can get you directions. Preview your calendar and schedules. It’s actually an assistant managing all the things for you.

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Now let’s talk about its new feature about the Covid-19 disease.

Apple has launched this new feature about Siri last Sunday. This functionality lets the people have the information about COVID-19, the disease caused by a coronavirus.


Users can ask Siri about the symptoms and preventive measures.

They can ask like Siri please tell me DO I have coronavirus?, How to know if I am affected to the coronavirus?

When you query about such questions Siri will answer about whether you are experiencing related symptoms or not. That includes fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and so on.

People with extreme illnesses are also advised to call 911 if some symptom persists it also asks people to be isolated and prevent themselves. It even links the peoples with recent telehealth applications for anyone who are currently unreachable to healthcare.

All the data for Siri are provided from official trustful sources like the US’s public health service, CDC Centers for Disease Control and prevention, CNBC notes and so on.

Right now the answers are mainly focused on the Users in the United States. If you ask answers related to the UK it will simply forward you to the Uk government site.

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