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Where to shop online in Nepal?

Where to shop online in Nepal?

Nepal is making great progress in the field of technology. With the increase in the use of technology and the internet most people are aware these days. Just within the past five years, there is a huge huge increment of mobile users, internet users, and overall growth in technological aspects.

There‚Äôs no doubt that Facebook is mostly used  social site. Not only Facebook every online media and other sites are being popular more than traditional media.

Similarly, Online shopping is the same part of that digitalization. The growth of users of online shopping is rapidly increasing due to the comfort, convenience, and ease of shop.

People these days have become more impatience and they want more comfort very quickly. So due to this nature people prefer online shopping sites in Nepal. They do not want to wait long queues for bill payment. They prefer silence and privacy, feel irritated from crowded stores. Mainly youngsters are attracted to online shopping. Advertisements are actually appealing factors.

As per the research here are some of the Online shopping sites in Nepal where you can shop online:

  • Daraz online shopping

Daraz is ranked on the number one online shopping site.due to more availability of products and quality people are more attracted to Daraz. The products are categorized in an easy way so that users can easily access it and buy. They had used a great recommendation algorithm that had made the visitors more interested. Daraz delivery is also quick and reliable. One can review the whole process in their application. While buying online it had even added more facilities of payment. Like Card payments, Cash on delivery, Digital wallet payment, foreplay and so on.
You can shop on

  • Hamrobazzar

hamrobazzar online site is another online shopping site. Users can freely add their products here. this site is most popular for second-hand shopping. Products are really affordable and cheap here. The quality also depends upon the rate. But this is equally very popular among the peoples for online shopping. It is a platform for individuals to sellings their any kinds of products. It is one of the most visited sites but for second-hand products rather than new products.You can so shop on
  • Sastodeal

sastodeal online site

Sastodeal is one of the biggest online shopping websites in Nepal. It delivers free inside Kathmandu valley whereas it includes a charge for outside valley users. If multiple products are online then it gives services in a similar way. It also includes multiple payment options like card payment, wallet payment, cash on delivery and so on. There is a facility of guarantee of the products as per the rules of the official product. It also accepts exchange within 7 days or specified period of time,
You can shop on

  • Muncha

Muncha.communcha online site is digital departmental Store. Muncha has an earlier starting history from 2000. It is a digital shopping mall where you can find a variety of products to meet your needs. They provide the best and quality goods. They have multiple payment options like Mastercard payment, Cash on delivery,ipay and so on. They deliver the products as easier as they can depending upon the festivals and normal days.
You can do shopping on

  • Nepbay

Nepbay.comnepbay online site

Nepbay is the online site for buyers, sellers, and advertisers as well. they started this platform very earlier from 2007. It is one of the online directory shops in Kathmandu and Lalitpur. There are so many products available here. More than a hundred stores and 1000s of products provide services on this platform. They guarantee online safe transactions.

Nepbay accepts all kinds of payments including Card payment, PayPal, Mastercard, and international payment as well. They also provide from NIBL and Laxmi bank credit and debit cards.
You can do shopping on

  • Smart doko

Smartdoko.comsmartdoko online site

Smart doko is also an online site that is new in the e-commerce industry. They are slowly growing.Their main strategy is to bear an unbeatable price, prompt delivery, and high less reliability. They provide reward points and had managed to promote their business online in a smooth way.they have strong distribution channels.

Pay digitally online using digital payment methods.

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