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Webcam tips: How to look and sound great online?

Webcam tips: How to look and sound great online?

These days we all are attending webinars, online meetings, video chattings at different video applications like Zoom, Skype, Meet, etc. So you all may want to make a professional impression on those meetings and web conferences. For this follow these Webcam tips.

Here are five different and easiest ways that you can follow to look and sound well when you talk online.

Webcam Tips to look and sound great online on webinars

#1. Eye Level

This is the basic thing that everyone should be aware of. The camera is placed at the perfect center to look up your nose. But for that, you should look straight at the same height as your eyes. Balance that height to get your device camera up to your eye level.

That’s how we humans meant to look at each other. A stack of books on a shelf or table will often help you with this to balance your height with the device camera.

#2. Eye line

Now you once you have a camera at your right height, it’s important that you look at it. The natural look is to just look at the screen just below the camera, where other participants generally are. When you look around or somewhere different it gives you an odd look.

It’s okay for sometimes to look around but try to maintain regular eye contact with a camera especially when you are the speaker of the webinars.

#3. Sound good

Sound can make a huge impact on what you are going to convey. The tone, sound quality, and speed of the voice do really matters when you speak online. Don’t rely on the internal mic in your device, just grab headphones or earphones with good sound quality.

Try to be polite and clear when you speak online. So use a good quality device to transmit your voice with closeness and warmth. This will definitely help you to create the attention of your audience or colleagues.
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#4. Monitor Light

Monitor light plays an important role in how your shades of the face look. The light bathing your face from the device screen is usually a shade of blue that makes you look like a zombie on your screen.

These days phone comes with blue light filter and night modes. This can actually help with the shades of your face. Try different display settings as you look at yourself and test on the web conferences how you look.

#5. Background check

The background really makes an impact on online meetings. What you display back can be really distracting as well as embarrassing if they are not good. So make sure you try to maintain some distance between you and the background for a pleasant sense of depth.
The video conference applications like Zoom, you will have the option to display virtual backgrounds. And also in Microsoft teams, you can blur out the background using the image and edge detection.
So you can use these features to make a perfect background that makes less distraction and look more professional.

Comment down below if you want to share some better tips to look great online.

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