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Twitter allows its staffs to work from home “forever”

Twitter allows its staffs to work from home “forever”

After measuring the success of “Work From Home” during the COVID-19 pandemic, twitter now allows its staffs to work from home forever.

Work from home on twitter was started after the coronavirus pandemic. And while measuring its impact on the company, positive result is found on the twitter. Due to this, twitter now says it is allowing its staffs to work from home forever if they wish.

Also, twitter says, if staffs want to work from the office after it reopens, it will also be allowed.

Earlier, google and facebook let their employees to work from home till the end of 2020.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of twitter said that twitter will allow its staffs to work from home on permanent basis. This decision was made after the successful implementation of work from home culture during the last few months.

Also, Twitter on its official blog says that apart from some exceptions, there is no chance for office to be opened before September. And after office reopens, staffs can either join office or continue to work from their home.

Similarly, twitter is stopping all the business travel of its staffs before September. This is also due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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