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Facebook’s messenger room is now available. Will compete with Zoom

Facebook’s messenger room is now available. Will compete with Zoom

Facebook rolled out Messenger Room starting from Thursday. The facebook messenger room is now available globally.

After the coronavirus effect, almost all the world has gone in lockdown and work from home culture is increasing. During this, video conferencing annd online meeting platform Zoom got a large numbers of new users.

After seeing this increment in users, Facebook too planned similar type of platform and launched the Messenger room.

What are the features of Messenger Room?

Messenger Room will let you create a room. A room can consist of maximum of 50 members. There is no time limit for the user’s in Messenger room.

Rooms can either be created from Facebook or messenger. Room has feature to share links. And one can join the room if they don’t have facebook account too.

How to create the room in Facebook / Messenger?

To create the room in Facebook or in messenger, be sure you have latest version of Facebook or messenger installed in your system.

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To create a room on Facebook, follow following:

In the chat section of your Facebook, click “Create new room”

You will be redirected to the room.

In the room you can invite anyone with the help of link.

Have you tried using rooms on the Facebook or in messenger? If so, share your experience in the comment section below.

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