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BCA colleges TU in Nepal

1.Thames International College  Old Baneswor , Kathmandu | Contact no- +977-1-4464584  For more info, visit here. 2.Divya Gyan College  Putalisadak, Kathmandu | Contact no- 977-1-4246070, 9818255337  For more info, visit here. 3.Padmashree International College  Tinkune, Kathmandu | Contact no- +977-1-2111404, 4112252 For more info, visit here.  4. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management  Balkumari, Lalitpur | ContactRead More →

BSC CSIT colleges in Nepal

B.Sc.CSIT stands for a bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology which is a four-year course affiliated to Tribhuwan University. Currently, there are about 57 BSc CSIT colleges in Nepal offering B.Sc.CSIT program. This program is designed to provide all sorts of knowledge in information technology and computingRead More →