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Highest Paying IT jobs in Nepal



These days all around us is technology. As soon as we wake up, we scroll through all forms of the newsfeed on our social sites. We use various technology-backed devices and software all day and depend on them for various daily activities. In this 21st century, we are living in a vicious cycle of wakeup-technology-sleep-repeat.

So, we are living in an undoubtedly a technology dominant century where everything happens within a click. Nepal as a developing country is still struggling to get a proper place in this Technological industry. However, it has grown to massive in a short span of time in terms of Information and Technology.

At this pace, it is obvious to assume that there’s no stopping to this IT career and industry. Actually there is a huge competition between the IT companies, IT institutes, IT colleges and between the whole IT industry.

Its no wonder that where there is scope, there is money. So, IT is a huge industry for your career where you can actually earn the highest amount of money. It values your skills and pays you what you deserve.

Striking a balance between qualification and satisfaction becomes a very hard task, and even more when it comes to payment involvement. Are you worried? Thinking about the career and What are the various scopes of IT jobs in Nepal? Which IT jobs in Nepal offer the best salary? Let’s get a sneak peek into its scope and the highest paying IT jobs in Nepal.

Highest Paying IT Jobs in Nepal

Highest Paying IT Jobs in Nepal

#1. Software Developer

Software Developer deals with all aspects of building a software design, planning, research, and development. They are the ones to develop a refine working software that we are using these days in our daily life. This job particular demands both technical knowledge and creativity. This high skill requirement job is one of the highest paying IT jobs in Nepal.

The advantage of a software developer is you need no experience or college degree to get a job immediately. Even freshers get software developer jobs in the IT industry. You can get good pay with some years of experience. Leading IT companies in Nepal will pay as your skills. This field is emerging and quite popular and in trends these days.

Generally, the salary ranges from NRs. 20k to 2,00,000 per month. (on the basis of experience.)

#2. Web Developer

Web Developer deals with all the aspects of web development. i.e making websites and applications to hosting on the live server.Everything we observe as a website is being designed and made by them. There are many programming languages and sub-jobs associated with web development.
According to the assigned roles and jobs the developers are paid in the IT industry.

Although the concept of web development is old, technologies and programming languages are changing frequently. This has a huge scope and demand in the IT industry.
Generally, the salary of web developers ranges from NRs. 20k to 1,00,000 per month. (on the basis of experience.)

#3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another term for advancement in traditional marketing for businesses. Everything is being digitalized these days, so does marketing approaches. This field combines with the principles of marketing with the technology. There are different roles like Digital marketing strategist, SEO expert, and SMM experts associated with this digital marketing field.

In terms of scope Digital marketing is a buzz right now. There are no colleges that provide knowledge about digital marketing but there are many extra courses and webinars available provided by IT institutes in Nepal.

Many IT companies provide top digital marketing services for businesses right now. They hire employees for various positions and provide a good amount of salary for their skills.
Generally, employees earn 15k to 50k per month. (On the basis of skills and value they can provide with their work)

#4. Data Scientist

Data scientists are someone who loves playing with data and work-related with analysis. They are the one who is better with statistics than any software engineers. They analyze the data and make qualitative information and knowledge from the data.
These days companies and businesses had finally realized the value and importance of data scientists. So they are hiring the data scientists. They offer a good amount of salary for data scientists.
Generally, Data scientists earn 50k to 2,00,000 per month(On the basis of skills).

#5. AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are another popular highest paying IT job right now in Nepal. It is said that AI is the future of technology. It has a huge scope in this developing phase of IT. In the context of Nepal, many of the IT companies are outsourcing the AI-related projects and providing jobs in the Nepalese IT market.
So, there are the highest paying salaries in these jobs. Generally, AI Developers earn 50k to 2,00,000 per month depending on the skills and IT companies.

#6. Informational Technology Director

IT Director is the one who handles and manages all the IT-related decision makings in the companies. This job requires years of experience in the IT field. Most of the IT companies hire this position for senior posts with lots of experience.

IT Director earns about 1,00,000-2,00,000 per month depending upon the IT industry standards.

#7. Project Manager

The project manager deals with the project planning, budget planning, and all other execution related works of the projects in the company. This position requires both education and experience level of knowledge.

The experience of about 3 years is mandatory in order to get hired in the job position of the project manager. They also need to have executive and management skills.

Project managers earn about 50k-1,00,000 per month in any IT company.

#8. DevOps

DevOps is a set of practices that combines Dev(Software development) and information technology operations(Ops). This position aims to shorten the systems development life cycle which will help to provide delivery of software with high quality.
The experience of about 5 years is mandatory in order to get hired in the job position of the DevOps. This position holds a lot of experience in the software development and operations in the IT industry.
This is also the highest paying IT jobs in Nepal. DevOps earns 1,00,000 to 2,00,000 in a month depending upon the IT company.


Overall, the IT industry has a huge scope and opportunities in Nepal. Its definitely increasing and along with its services and demands the payment and the salaries are also increasing.
No matter where you go, which field you choose, at last, what matters is the skills and hard work that pays off. It all depends on you, only you. There are highest paying jobs in the IT industry but first, you had to be deserving one to get that. Listen to your heart, combined with the passion and knowledge your brain has to store and put the extra efforts into whatever you do.

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