Pay Tempo Fair using a QR Code. Is this one more step toward digital Nepal?

Pay Tempo Fair using a QR Code. Is this one more step toward digital Nepal?

The use of electronic payment is increasing in the country. From buying vegetables to paying the bills online, everything can be done through digital payments these days, which can be Scan and pay, QR service, wallets, transfer, and so on.

Most of the services used can be paid through QR code. Just Scan and Pay. As simple and more convenient for users.

QR Code Payment in Nepal: Where are they being used?

This service has made the life of the customers easier as they do not have to carry money everywhere. Every business, be it small or big, are trying to adapt to the digital payment system and had finally started to learn its importance.

With the vision to promote digital payment, Prabhu bank launched a new service.

Prabhu bank and Idea Studio Nepal collaborated for the QR service. However, all the banks and digital wallets included in the Phone Pay QR can also pay the tempo fare

Prabhu bank has launched a new service for its mobile banking users.

The users will be able to pay through QR code while traveling in clean tempo in the Kathmandu valley.

The QR code of Prabhu bank has been placed in the tempos operated by female drivers. The passengers can pay the fare by scanning the QR code from their mobile.

QR Code Payment in Nepal: How is Central Bank looking at the situation?

What’s the benefit of Paying Tempo Fair using a QR Code?

  • No hassle of carrying Cash/ Extra coins
  • Can pay the exact amount of Fare
  • We can track the bills/ travel expense
  • More convenient way of payment
  • Mainly it prevents contamination during this COVID.

QR Code Payment in Nepal: Challenges

Is this one more step toward Digital Nepal?

As per our thoughts, yes we can definitely say its a step towards making digital Nepal. Recently we heard about the digital payments iniatited in Tarkari bazzar, Metro bus and so on. Now its also for local Tempo riders. This will not only be good to make digitalized Nepal but also encourage and motivates the normal users to use digital payments and generally technology. Be it like mobile or mobile applications. They will see the positive side of the technology. They will understand, How technology had made everyone’s life easer.

We can say this step as a “Small Step, Big Impact and direction to the positive digital development.”

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