BSc.CSIT sixth Semester Syllabus

BSc.CSIT Sixth Semester Syllabus | TU Syllabus

BSc.CSIT Sixth Semester Syllabus Overview

Syllabus of BSc.CSIT Sixth Semester comprises five compulsory courses that include Software Engineering, Compiler Design and Construction, E-Governance, NET Centric Computing, Technical Writing, and Elective II. They are a total of 18 credit hours with a total of 600 full marks.

BSc.CSIT Sixth Semester course code is shown below in table:

SN Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs. Full Marks 
CSC364 Software Engineering 100 
CSC365 Compiler Design and Construction 100 
CSC366 E-Governance 100 
CSC367 NET Centric Computing 100 
CSC368 Technical Writing 100 
 Elective II 100 
Total   18 600 
List of Electives     
Applied Logic (CSC369)    
ii E-Commerce (CSC370)    
iii Automation and Robotics (CSC371)    
iv Neural Networks (CSC372)    
Computer Hardware Design (CSC373)    
vi Cognitive Science (CSC3474)    
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